Our own original medical massage learning laboratory
with Master massage therapist
Larry Heisler, M.A., L.M.T.
Director, The North Jersey Massage Training Center

The Ultimate Medical Massage Series

Core Presentation

Hip and Leg


Arm and Shoulder


Foot and Hand

Face and Core Foundation

Supervised Practice

Top Soft Tissue Complaints 1

Top Soft Tissue Complaints 2

Dramatically step up your massage practice with our Ultimate Medical Massage Therapy Series. It’s a hands-on cookbook of extraordinary medical massage techniques and clinical observations that will supercharge your skills to a completely new level. Join our Core Class followed by eight unique day long workshops. Each session concentrates on a different area of the body and the host of complaints that are commonly brought to us.  Take one class or two and for a marvelous transformation, all eight.  Also, choose among our many different schedules.
Upon completion you may take our practical certification test leading to
our New Jersey Massage Medical Massage Certification


“What an amazing series! When I started using Larry’s techniques my clientele literally gave me a standing ovation. My skill set now is that of a master massage therapist and my practice is booming.” Jody Polevoy, LMT, CYT


“I have been using these techniques and my clientele has doubled!  My clients are scheduling repeat sessions, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.  The techniques are awesome and have helped me be more creative in all aspects of my massage.  Getting through an hour Swedish massage used to be a challenge, now I find I can spend an hour on one arm.  Great series!  I highly recommend this program if you are serious about your massage and want repeat customers.” 
Laurie Krug, LMT, Spa Owner


“Finally, a neuromuscular, medical massage series that doesn’t waste days going over origins, insertions, actions and nerve involvements for the umpteenth time. Larry addresses every condition, every trigger point in a practical hands-on format. This is a great series with an astounding teacher who has clearly devoted his life to healing and service with an open heart.” Laurie Martin, LMT




            Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT is one of the massage pioneers in New Jersey.  As a practitioner since 1975, Larry has treated nearly 50,000 clients! Possessing a strong education background, formerly a classroom teacher, an Assistant Principal and then College Instructor, it was natural for Larry to begin teaching the healing path he loved.  In 1980, Larry opened the third massage school in New Jersey, initially specializing in Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu.  Soon after he followed up with a highly developed massage therapy facility located in the Parsippany Medical Complex called New Jersey Massage.  By 1985, his programs embraced a full spectrum of massage therapy modalities and Larry’s hundreds of students and graduates were on their way to establishing massage as a legitimate healing alternative throughout northern New Jersey .

            Since 1980, the North Jersey Massage Training Center, has been widely acknowledged for its volunteer massage team participation in over 750 state wide fund raising events for organizations like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Diabetes Tour De Cure to the Red Cross, The Leukemia Society, Make A Wish Foundation and the 9/11 Port Authority Ground Zero Command.

            Larry has presented for the hospital medical staffs at six different Grand Medical Rounds including the New Jersey School of Medicine and Dentistry, has set up wellness curriculums for three Universities, has presented for the Medical Society of New Jersey and has been on television discussing massage therapy legislation with Governor Christie Todd Whitman.  In addition, he has presented programs at over thirty college campuses, a dozen health departments and at over a hundred New Jersey corporations.  This year Larry celebrates the 37th anniversary of officiating at his weekly meditation and healing circle.  He has taught over 3,500 meditation classes and has never charged for this class.


A letter from a student:

                        Subject: Gratitude


Hi Larry!


This official note is long overdue. Just now stumbled across your email address! So many times I think of my priceless gift of joining your classes at the North Jersey Massage Training Center. ALL of the classes I took were exceptional! They were professionally taught, appropriately covered the specific areas or specialties, and I have used them all here on Maui at the spa where I work. Head and shoulders above all (no Pun intended!) was the class covering the neck and shoulders. You would be amazed at the wonderful results and happy clients. One gentleman said, "I have had massages literally around the world at Four Seasons Hotels and the best Asian hotels. Your massage is the best I ever had!" Another one said, "That was excellent! That is the best massage I ever had." When people go out with those comments after massage I am pleased too. They feel great! And I am grateful to have studied with you and added to my continuing education in such a worthwhile manner. Sincerely, Debbie Kimball


Outstanding class with awesome techniques and supporting explanations and demonstrations. Amount of practice of technique on table very effective and appreciated.”
Elizabeth Phillips, LMT


“Larry’s techniques have revolutionized my approach!”
Mitzi Kuehn, L.M.T. for over twenty five years.


“The skills, knowledge and presence that Larry shared with me helped fuel my passion as a healer and practitioner.  When I look back at the people and experiences that have inspired my work and life path, Larry and my training at the North Jersey Massage Training Center were a big part of that.  Larry and the school have given me the training to help touch the lives of countless people in such a powerful way.”
Terence McCormick, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist.


Any class can be taken with Larry in a one to one/two format.  Call our main office to schedule. (973) 263-2229.