Professional Chair & Table On-Site Massage Teams

Fitness Classes - Wellness Lectures


Workplace massage therapy has come of age and its benefits are far-reaching. We offer a simple, cost-effective way to relieve stress, address aches and pains, boost morale, and make your employees feel wonderful. Massage therapy can improve the quality of life at your facility!

Our professional and fully-insured Massage Therapy Teams are available on an hourly basis for your next holiday or special event, promotional seminar, or business meeting. Our therapists are also available on a weekly or monthly basis for "wellness" visits. These visits can be paid for by the employees directly. If you would like more information or are interested in scheduling a date for on-site massage therapy or our lecture series, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss pricing and fax a proposal to you for your review.

We offer some unique packages:

1. Traditional Table Massage: 5 to 30 minute massage fully clothed or professionally draped (if requesting oil work). Concentration on the back, shoulders, and neck areas while combining Shiatsu and Neuromuscular techniques.

2. Chair Massage: 5 to 15 minute massage fully clothed. It's a mini-vacation from the workplace stresses. Concentration on the back, neck and shoulders.

3. Hand & Forearm Aromatherapy: 5 to 15 minute chair massage targeting shoulders, hands and forearms. It includes our wonderful, aromatic hand lotions by Jurlique.

4. Acupressure "Facelift": 10 to 15 minute table massage fully clothed. Rejuvenate your facial muscles while taking a mental vacation.

5. Foot & Hand Reflexology: 10 to 15 minute........relaxation at your desk. It addresses all nerve endings with deep, yet soothing stimulation (with or without oils/lotions).

"Massage is an important addition to your health care regimen, and these people are the best in Northern N.J." - Wally Burnstein, D.O.

"Our Costco Safety Celebration was a huge success, and I wanted to thank you and your team...they were great!" - Teresa Fontana, Safety Coordinator, COSTCO #315, Wharton, NJ