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Featured Article: A Dynamic New Years Prophecy

JANUARY and FEBRUARY CONTINUING EDUCATION for Massage Therapists, Nurses and Health Professionals:Approved by the NJ Dept. of Education and the NCBTMB- Provider Number 450461-07

FREE Meditation Class at Terra Sky: NO CLASS in February, The NEW TerraSky will open in March!

$55 Deep Tissue/Swedish Massage Clinic dates are Sundays January 19, February 2, 16, and March 2, 16, 30th

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Food for Thought: At Age 100 what Bob Hope and Rose Kennedy Told Us About Achieving Longevity

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The Year of the Horse: A New Year's Prophecy 

                                          by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

The ancient Chinese philosophers were observers of how nature manifested itself in every aspect of our lives. They spent thousands of years observing how all things in nature worked and they kept exhaustive notes. They believed by observing how all of nature presented itself, they would have a template for their own day to day existence. A model to conduct their affairs of life in sync with nature. So by imitating the way nature manifested itself, they felt that they were living in accordance with The Way of Spirit or the Way of God. They called that living in the Tao (pronounced dow). For instance in the Springtime, when the world would be pregnant with new growth; the populous would wear green and it would be punishable to cut down trees or kill new growth because that would be going against the way of things, the way of nature, the way of God, the Tao.

Now because of their keen observation, for literally thousands of years they took notes on every aspect of life including psychological archetypal patterns. After reviewing their notes, they found that humans possessed 12 basic foundational patterns and each one had contained very specific behavioral characteristics. They also discerned that these very individual and different patterns repeated a twelve year cycle over and over again, so they gave each of the patterns an animal name. Thus an individual could be born in the Year of the Tiger or Rabbit or the mythical creature the Chinese revered, the Dragon. As they worked with their system of understanding human interaction and personality, they codified a system that we now simply call Chinese Astrology and they take it quite seriously. They observed that certain signs are highly compatible with each other and others really not. Even specific years, like this one coming up, The Year of the Horse, would be a good or grand year for some and a cautionary tale for many others. Your graduating high school class was made up predominately of individuals born in your specific year, so theoretically there would be a lot of similar characteristics. If you ask any teacher about the difference from year to year in the graduating classes, they would absolutely notice them. Very often they would be dramatic differences.

Interestingly, each person is made up of three very specific signs and each sign has variations to it.

·        So the year you are born tells us your general overall characteristics in a twelve year repeating cycle. So starting on January 31, 2014 comes the year of the Horse.

·        The month that you are born tells us how you do relationships in terms of family, business, intimacy, friendship, etc. So each month has an animal sign revealing the same tendencies and characteristics as the yearly sign. Although in the monthly case, those behaviors are only in regard to relationships. As I write this on January 15th, 2014 we are in the year of the snake and the month of the Ox.

·        Finally the time you are born tells us your secret inner sign that would color your other two signs.  

So it's not really that black and white, there are many variables determining your personality at work and it can even get more involved than that. Remember they had thousands of years to play around with this. Just a reminder of how long that is, if you just go back a couple of generations, you might not even know the names of your great grand parents. So imagine 5,000 years to develop this philosophy.  


Now do i really believe in Chinese astrology? Well... yes and no. I have seen it to be highly helpful but in life, experiences do mold your personality. So I've used it as a guide and I have found that understanding the characteristics of a sign can streamline my ability to communicate clearly and be understood. As my friend used to say, Chinese astrology helps you to know your audience. But even if you think its hokum, it is very entertaining and the idea that certain signs together are more compatible than others is an interesting notion especially when it comes to business or love interests. In that regard, I've seen it really work. Of course it doesn't matter a hoot what signs you are if you conduct your relationships from a real spiritual perspective and always take the higher road (the Ego-less road). But that's highly unlikely if you're a person that plays victim regularly. 


So let's get down to The Year of the Horse.  

Keep in mind that the Chinese calendar is based on the lunar calendar. So the year and even the month does not start uniformly on the first of anything. 


The Horse is a warrior sign.
It is free spirited, wild, willful and intensely independent.

This will be a year of big things, big changes!  

You can anticipate wars, skirmishes, extremes and chaos in financial markets.
The year of the horse seemingly brings no middle ground.
So keep in mind, to be successful in a year where amazing opportunities will be abundant and plentiful, but pitfalls are lying in waiting for your every mistake,

you cannot ignore the details. 

This is a year where sweat equity via hard work and a determined psyche leads one to cross the great water. 

If you have planned out things succinctly, almost anal retentively, you can buy that house, launch that business, and have a break out year! It's that volatile, it's that fantastic.
The Horse year brings rising energy, growth and even rebirth. Everything comes on fast, you must be prepared for change.
This is a good year for transformation.
Be decisive and pull the trigger fast on opportunity but remember what i have always told my students in massage school, "If in doubt, leave it out."
Don't jump unless you have prepared the way with your due diligence.
Nothing Impulse Driven!

"Success favors the prepared mind." Louis Pasteur






January and February

Master Classes for Massage Therapists, Nurses and Healers

Licensed by the NJ Department of Education
NCBTMB Provider Number 450461-07  

Take a class  



         "Feed your head!"  



"I love coming to this school. It amazes me what I learn here, it always goes beyond my expectations."

Deborah Gallo, LMT

"I love coming to this school!"

Lois Bass, LMT

"Love, love, love the classes and instructors!"

Christine Stites, LMT


"This official note is long overdue. Just now stumbled across your email address! So many times I think of my priceless gift of joining your classes at the North Jersey Massage Training Center. ALL of the classes I took were exceptional! They were professionally taught, appropriately covered the specific areas or specialties, and I have used them all here on Maui at the spa where I work. Head and shoulders above all (no Pun intended!) was the class covering the neck and shoulders. You would be amazed at the wonderful results and happy clients. One gentleman said, "I have had massages literally around the world at Four Seasons Hotels and the best Asian hotels. Your massage is the best I ever had!" Another one said, "That was excellent! That is the best massage I ever had." When people go out with those comments after massage I am pleased too. They feel great!

And I am grateful to have studied with you and added to my continuing education in such a worthwhile manner."

 Debbie Kimball, LMT






Thursday, January 16th  

Ultimate Medical Massage Series:
Supervision and Practice

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT 

Thursday, January 16 

10am-6pm 8 CE Hours $175 



When learning so many new and exciting advanced techniques, the hardest thing to do is to find the practice time to incorporate them on a daily basis. This class will continue going over how to approach the techniques in our medical massage series and for the more advanced students, the top twenty soft tissue conditions with supervised practice time. So join us and spend an entire day reviewing, practicing and honing your skills in preparation for your practical certification examination.


After you've taken our entire program and have had enough time to easily incorporate our techniques into your massage repertoire, you are ready to take your practical medical massage certification examination.  At that point you will schedule a one on one hour and a half massage with Larry and if you show high competency and pass, you will receive the coveted New Jersey Massage Medical Massage Certification. 


"I've taken many wonderful classes here. This is a great school for
continuing education with an elite group of master teachers and
 one of the best free health newsletters around!

 Kathy McCready, LMT, former Prima Ballerina, NJ Ballet



Saturday, January 18th  

Supercharge your Swedish Massage


with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Saturday, January 18


Saturday, May 10

8 C.E. Hours

Saturday, September 13




Adding Shiatsu to your massage will supercharge your work!

Shiatsu is a deeply powerful and complete form of bodywork, respected worldwide and based on thousands of years of empirical data. What's more profound is that the meridian system and its specific acu-points have a deep influence on our musculature, the internal organ conditions and the immune and nervous systems. Join us for this one day workshop, where Larry will teach you how to add the most powerful shiatsu lines and points to supercharge your Swedish massage.

"The first 8,000 massage treatments I performed in my career were Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu sessions. I had studied for years with the Macrobiotic and Japanese Masters Michio Kushi and Sensei Masahiro Oki and was amazed at their breath of wisdom, power and effectiveness. There wasn't any type of overhead bar or other props in the early 1970's and you did not walk on your client's body. Instead it was a very sophisticated form of bodywork using many parts of your own body to treat your client while concentrating on the energy lines called meridians and specific acupuncture points called tsubos." 

Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT



Sunday, January 19th 

Ultimate Medical Massage Series: The Back 

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Sunday, January 19


Saturday, March 15

8 C.E. Hours

Monday, May 19


Friday, July 18

Monday, September 8

Friday, November 14


Amazing Back Work that will make all the difference in the world!  

To give a great massage, one that has your clients buzzing and returning again and again, is what it's all about.  Approaching the back, its hardness, its armoring, and its painful anomalies must be Massage 101 for us.  If you do not successfully address their "aching back" you will lose your clients to someone who will!  Join us as Larry creates an all day, hands-on, medical massage learning lab.  Our focus will be "back central", combining deep tissue and trigger point therapies, Osteopathic massage techniques, shiatsu and Larry's very special muscular approach entitled, "stretch and strip". This class will teach you how to save your hands while you give the most sophisticated massage of your life and it will dramatically raise your skills and your bottom line!


"In the Orient the title master is used respectfully for someone who has performed 25,000 treatments. At nearly 50,000, spanning 37 years, Larry has surely established his expertise.  He shares an amazing range of insight and his techniques are quite extraordinary." 

Sifu Chuck Loeffler, B.A., B.S., LMT, Tai Chi/Chi Kung Master (in memoriam)


"Truly enjoyed this class. Learned so much!!" 

Gail Rippili, LMT 



Monday and Tuesday, January 20th and 21st  

The Ultimate Hot Stone Class 

with Paul Dobo, LMT


Monday and Tuesday January 20+21
Sunday and Monday April 27+28
Saturday and Sunday July 26+27
Monday and Tuesday October 20+21
10am-6pm 16 CE Hours $325
Limit 8 per class


It's not just from the increased revenue, which is nice; it's also about how well the stones fit into a great massage therapy session. The ability to use heated stones to sculpt muscle and provide exceptional deep tissue work is an added advantage. Unfortunately many facilities here in New Jersey have been cautious about offering Hot Stone Massage lately and with good reason, many burns and injuries have been reported. As one of the original three schools in NJ, we are all too aware of what is happening in our industry. To counter the bad press and a recent rash of insurance mandates, we are excited to offer a personalized two day Hot Stone training that will give you the tools and fulfill the recent additional educational requirements by your professional organizations. Our instructor, Paul Dobo is thelead therapist and lead corporate trainer for Hand and Stone. Paul travels the country teaching protocols and contraindications for hot stone massage and w

e believe our program is a cut above. From the history of hot stone usage and a comprehensive review of protocols needed to set up a great stone practice, to the specific routines you will employ and the specialized therapeutic techniques you will learn, we will help you understand, develop and successfully administer a hot stone practice.  

We got your hot stone education covered! 


Wednesday, January 22nd  

Foot & Hand 

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Wednesday, January 22


Thursday, April 10

8 C.E. Hours

Monday, August 25

Friday, December 12


The secret to a great massage is sometimes found in the humblest of places!


Foot and hand work is something most massage therapists are weak in. For whatever reason, many schools gloss over this very important part to your massage. At our school we teach that good foot and hand work can be the difference between a satisfied client and one that will go elsewhere. This class will help you hone your foot and hand work, giving you a new, fresh approach that will have your clients returning again and again for more. Our deep tissue approach includes the neuromuscular trigger point work that will help eradicate pain and tension as in addressing plantar fasciitis or arthritic hand complaints and combine the most powerful shiatsu points on the legs and arms, feet and hands. The acupuncture/acupressure points in Japan are known as tsubos. The specific tsubos called the Go, Gen, Sei points are one the secrets to an extraordinary session in Japanese shiatsu or Chinese Tui Na. This is not a reflexology class that requires a completely different serious course of study. The combination of trigger points and shiatsu makes it some of the most powerful foot and hand massage work you'll ever experience. 

You will dig this class and so will your hands and feet! 


"Teacher is excellent, he's a master of his art. This was an excellent course!"Anonymous C.E. evaluation 


Friday, January 24th  

Healthy Breast Massage Training
with Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB


Friday, January 24th       Friday, April 18th       Friday, July 25th         Friday, Nov. 21st 

10am-6pm, 8 CE Hours, $200 


Learn how to include ethical breast massage during your massage sessions. 

The State of New Jersey requires eight hours of additional training to perform it.  

This workshop will fulfill the State requirement: 

·        Remove the taboo from the practice of breast massage.

·        Become comfortable and knowledgeable about the choice of breast massage.

·        Understand the benefits of breast massage.

·        Review the anatomy and physiology of the breast

·        Demonstrate a minimum of six hands-on techniques.

·        Discuss the legal, ethical and emotional issues relating to breast massage.

·        Learn proper positioning and draping.

·        Learn how to introduce your client to the new techniques.

·        Obtain hand out materials and learn self breast massage.

·        Identify the guidelines for ethical breast massage.

Must be state licensed to enroll in this program.


 "Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable."  

Ernesto Vivas, LMT 


"Love Cheryl! What an amazing teacher, woman, and mentor." 

Jen Weisenberg, LMT    


Sunday, January 26th  

Table Stretch Your Clients 

with Henry Roth, DC, NCBTMB
Sunday Jan. 26th
Sunday, June 8th
Sunday, Nov. 16th
10-6 pm 8 CE Hours


Your Clientele Will Love a Sophisticated Table Stretching Program!

One of the secrets of a great massage session is running your clients body through a comprehensive range of motion.
For starters they love the additional work and it will help reverse their aging process and promote youthful and flexible joints. Not a week goes by that I don't get complimented on my stretching protocols and frankly Dr. Henry really knows his stuff.
Experience this one day intensive with Olympic Massage Therapist, Dr Henry Roth, as he guides you through the theory of muscle contraction. Learn how to lengthen the muscle, eliminate spasms and maintain proper anatomical form. Discover the dynamics of stretch for your clients and especially for yourself. Achieve the supple, calm and flexible muscles you have always desired. Make your body a better place to live. MANUAL INCLUDED.


"Dr. Roth teaches flexibility techniques for your table work that will open new dimensions for your clientele."
Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT 


Monday and Tuesday, January 27th and 28th  


Includes HIV/AIDs and Other Life-Altering Illnesses, and Hospice 

with Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB


Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 27+28


Monday and Tuesday, April 7+8

16 C.E. Hours

Monday and Tuesday, July 14+15


Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 6+7




Cheryl is one of the most popular cancer massage educators in the USA!

We are much honored to present our former graduate and the former President of the NJ Chapter of American Massage Therapy Association in this important training program.  This class fulfills insurance regulations requiring a basic mandatory understanding of utilizing massage therapy for cancer patients, as well as touching on life-altering illnesses. Cheryl will address the contraindications and the anatomy and physiology to positioning, draping, massage techniques, legal issues and documentation. This workshop is open to all levels of massage and bodywork practitioners, hospice caregivers and health care providers - especially those interested in cancer care.


Cheryl is very knowledgeable and approachable. Her desire to share massage as a healing presence and as a way to reconnect with the body, grows from a place of genuine care. Her class is informative, practical and inspirational. Thank you!"

Bernadine Ileto, LMT


"Cheryl is a wonderful and patient teacher."

Sara, LMT 


"Cheryl is a gifted with her knowledge and teaching."
Gail Vaichulis, LMT


Wednesday, January 29th  

Myofascial Release Series  

with Sarah Borda, LMT, NCTMB


"Fabulous class. Love Sarah!"Mary Elliot, LMT

Core/Upper Body/Scar Release

Wednesday, January 29th


Wednesday, May 28th

8 C.E. Hours

Wednesday, September 24th



Core/Lower Body/Scar Release

Wednesday, March 26th


Wednesday, July 30th

8 C.E. Hours

Wednesday, December 10th


Can be taken in any order you please.



Looking for a way to energize your massage treatments? 

Join us as John Barnes personal classroom assistant, Sarah Borda, LMT, NCBTMB teaches Myofascial Release principals and techniques as taught by her teacher John F. Barnes.
From series 1 to 4, Sarah will help build your MFR education, filling you with extraordinary techniques that can be incorporated into your massage practice very easily and effectively. MFR can help your clients and you feel better by addressing the plethora of aches and pains your clients present to you. In addition, MFR is easy on your body, you will learn how to use balls, wedges, and tools that make your job easier and give you better results. In each seminar you will learn self-treatment techniques that will keep you healthy and more in tune with your own body. You will receive great treatment and also learn so much!
Make it easier on yourself.
Slow down, feel... and stop working as hard with MFR.  

As Sarah says, "Listen to your body, follow your heart."




Monday, February 3rd  

Ultimate Medical Massage Series:
The Neck   

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Monday, February 3 


Saturday, April 5

8 C.E. Hours

Sunday, June 1st

Tuesday, August 5

Wednesday, October 8

Wednesday, December 3



The best neck work you will ever do!


Dramatically increase your client's satisfaction by maximizing the results of your therapeutic massage. We will comprehensively address the neck and shoulder areas with some of the most effective and exciting advanced massage therapy techniques you have ever tried.  Again, expect to spend the day in a hands-on learning laboratory honing your skills under Larry's masterful supervision.  You will learn Osteopathic neck massage and specifically how to clear the trigger points from the neck region while simultaneously engaging this intricate area with a sophisticated combination of stretching, traction, shiatsu and cross fiber friction work.  Larry will address the sternocleidomastoid and scalene muscles, thoracic outlet syndrome, the posterior cervical region and much, much more.    

Larry's Ultimate Neck class is amazing.  After using the techniques I learned, one of my clients said it was the best neck work he ever had. 
It has revolutionized the way I approach the neck!"
  Jeff Mills, LMT



"The best neck work I've done and received. I love the class. Larry is knowledgeable and engaging. His classes are so informative and a pleasure to be part of. I highly recommend this class!

Leslie Dondarski, LMT


"Loved the whole experience. Thank you, Larry!

Susan Altier, LMT    

"Wow, loved the class! Very informative and fun. I always love classes here!" Maria Dvorak, LMT


Friday, February 7th  


Geriatric Massage Training:
for the Mature and Aging Client

with Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB

Friday, February 7th


Friday, June 13th

        8 C.E. Hours

Friday, October 10th




An incredible new clientele is waiting for you!

With increasing life expectancy, the growing aged population provides a viable client source for massage therapy. Not usually taught as part of the massage school curriculum, geriatric massage requires the study of specific techniques to provide safe and effective treatment and holds an unlimited potential to dramatically increase your clientele by reaching out to an ever growing population that is well educated, needs quality massage therapy, and can afford it. Learn aspects of aging, client assessment, cautions and contraindications, and how to establish a geriatric practice with practical hands-on approaches.


"This class was recommended to me from another person. This course was outstanding! Well worth the 4.5 hours drive to see Cheryl present this priceless information. Thank you so much!   Tracy Cousins, LMT


"Great Class!"

Janet Salerno, LMT



Sunday, February 9th

Reflexology: The Roth Method:  Manual Counter-Stress Technique for Optimal Relaxation
via the Hands and Feet 
with Dr. Henry Roth, DC, NCTMB

Sunday, Feb. 9th


Sunday, July 13th

8 C.E. Hours

Sunday, Dec. 7th



There's nothing quite as good as a great foot massage and this is an approach you have never seen!

Join us for a day of great foot and hand work. After a lifetime of performing exceptional hands on manual therapy, both as a massage therapist and chiropractor, Dr. Henry Roth has become an extraordinarily popular and sort after teacher as well. The Reflexology presented by Dr. Roth is like no other. Students from his early teachings would hire him for their own personal sessions. Dr. Henry's style of work is both intense and manually beautiful and it is his initial relaxation techniques that set him apart from other practitioners.
Please bring two pillows and a special foot lotion you might enjoy.

This class is intended for both those who have not taken reflexology before and current reflexologists looking to upgrade their manual approach. 

Monday and Tuesday Feb. 10+11 

Mastectomy Massage
with Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB 

Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 10+11th


Monday and Tuesday, May 5+6th

16 C.E. Hours

Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 18+19th


Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 17+18th


PLEASE NOTE: Take $50 off tuition if you sign up for both Cancer and Mastectomy Class at the same time.


Cheryl is one of the most popular cancer massage educators in the USA!


Whether breast surgery is life-saving or cosmetic, massage therapy is beneficial to the client and enhances the healing process.  Cheryl will cover:

·        An understanding of the physiological, social and emotional aspects of breast cancer and breast surgeries.

·        Review of the anatomy, physiology and lymphatic system of the breast.

·        Learn to recognize lymphedema and work safely with the condition.

·        Gain knowledge of the various breast surgeries: augmentation, explanation, reduction and implants.

·        Learn appropriate and effective massage techniques and hands on practice.

·        Positioning, body mechanics and draping for chair, side-lying and table.

·        Skills needed to teach clients self care techniques, including massage, R.O.M., exercise and stretching.

·        Survey of broad range of resources available to client and therapist.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a beginner's class. You may take this class if you like but it is strongly recommended that you have taken a Cancer Training Program as a pre-requisite. If you take this class Cheryl will assume that you understand all the cancer massage basics including chemotherapy side effects.
Be forewarned, she will not be going over basics.


"Great class! Learned so much."
Katherine Meechan, LMT


Wednesday, Feb. 12 

 Ultimate Medical Massage Series:
The Arm and Shoulder 
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

Wednesday, February 12


Friday, May 2

8 C.E. Hours

Thursday, August 14

Monday, November 3


Massage techniques that will significantly change the way you work!


Join us as we focus specifically on the shoulder, the arm and its complaints by utilizing deep tissue and trigger point therapies, myofascial stretches, the most powerful shiatsu pain points and Larry's outstanding "Stretch and strip" manual therapies approach. From frozen shoulder and rotator cuff work, to involvements in the deltoid, upper arms, flexors, extensors, elbow, wrist and hand. When it comes to the arm and shoulder, this workshop transforms basic massage practitioners into sophisticated medical massage therapists.

  "I always neglect the arm. The techniques taught in this class were amazing!" 

Sandra Yocovelli, LMT 


"Larry always delivers amazing classes that get to the point in a knowledgeable and charming way- Fun in Learning!"


Joyce Lantzman, LMT


"Great class, can't wait for the next one! Opened my eyes to so many new techniques, especially practitioner saving techniques!!"

Angie Pyatt, LMT


Thursday, Feb. 13
Ayurvedic Massage Training  with Hot Towels and Hot Stones   with Nancy A. Smith, LMT

Thursday, Feb. 13th


Thursday, May 8th

8 C.E. Hours

Thursday, Sept. 18th

Thursday,  Dec. 11th



Unique, Comprehensive, Powerful!

AYURVEDA is a traditional, holistic system of health science from India and has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) incorporates warm oils, herbs and steam/hot towels (Swedna) to help restore balance to the body. Massage stokes, oils, and herbs are selected based on each client's need. Benefits of Ayurvedic massage include increased vitality, relaxation, and reduced stress. The Massage Therapist will learn Traditional Ayurvedic principles and how to restore balance with oils, herbs, and steam. This course will cover:

  • Ayurvedic Dosha Theory
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Benefits of Abhyanga  and Swedna
  • Discussion of Specific Ayurvedic balancing oils and herbs
  • Room setup
  • Ayurvedic massage routine and steam tent instructions

Nancy is the founder and director of Essence of Self Ayurveda Center for Massage, Yoga and Health and is a yoga instructor, a Level III Reiki Master Teacher, and a NJ licensed massage therapist. She became a Panchakarma Massage Specialist at Greens Ayurvedic Hospital in India.


"My experience through the years in receiving Ayurvedic massages from Nancy Smith has been healing and extremely centering. I leave refreshed, renewed, and with a deeper sense of peace and harmony within."

Sister Roberta Feil, Pastoral AIDS Care Coordinator for Hope House


 Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 17 + 18th  

 ACE Massage Cupping Therapy™ - Two Day Basic Training   with William Burton, LMT, CMCE

Monday and Tuesday, February 17+18
Monday and Tuesday, May 12+13
Monday and Tuesday, August 11+12
Monday and Tuesday November 10+11
10-5pm each day 12 CE Hours
  An incredible therapy that can be added into in any massage and healing modality.  This course includes history, theory, and application of ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy and demonstrations of specific techniques.  ACE Massage Cupping™ greatly enhances the benefits of massage, decreases strain on the practitioner, and, as an "add-on" service, increases revenues.

This technique is powerfully therapeutic for many conditions. ACE Massage Cupping™ is effective in relieving chronic pain at old injury sites and can address conditions such as:  fibromyalgia, diabetes, pre- and post-op edema and inflammation, chronic edema, scar tissue and adhesions, and cellulite.  This versatile technique mimics massage movements ranging from deep tissue and myofascial release to the light pumping movements of lymphatic drainage.  Used regularly, ACE Massage Cupping™ bodywork therapy is a terrific approach to promoting wellness for our clients and our selves.

This two day workshop is fun and informative with plenty of hands-on activity and covers:

·        safety and contraindications

·        which conditions benefit from which ACE Massage Cupping™ techniques

·        integration into existing modalities

·        applications for specific conditions.

Don't miss the opportunity to add to your "toolbox" one of the most valuable and versatile healing modalities available today.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to workshop duration, certification is awarded only upon completion of the DVD course and written examination.


"We are excited to be introducing this amazing two day workshop!"

Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT




Thursday, February 20th


Ethics for Massage Therapy  with Zoe Putnam, M.A., LMT

Students have Three Choices of Ethics Classes.
Either three hour program fulfills your every two year New Jersey State Requirement.
The full day program gives you 7 continuing education hours.
The choice is yours.

All therapists understand that ethics rules are for the purpose of honoring our professional client-therapist interactions. Join us as our graduate massage therapy Counselor/Massage Therapist, Zoe Elva Putnam takes you through the ins and outs of professional ethics for massage therapy. Our courses satisfy the requirements for Ethics for the State of New Jersey, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork's and your professional organizations, AMTA or ABMP.




Ethics of a Professional Massage Therapy Practice:   Covers the broader ethical aspects of having a professional massage therapy practice. Includes: our role within the healthcare community, personal scope of practice, assessment versus diagnosis, cleanliness, ethical conflicts, dual relationships, advertising, and more.

Thursday, February 20th or Thursday September 11th
10am-1pm 3.5 CE Hours $90


Ethics of the Massage Therapy Session:   Addresses ethics from the client's first phone call, through the session, and beyond. It includes: the intake form, informed consent, contraindications, respecting the client and yourself, client emotions, power differential, how to handle sexual energy, confidentiality, session notes, and more.

Thursday, May 22 or Thursday, December 4th
10am-1pm 3.5 CE Hours $90



Ethics in Massage Therapy Practice
:   All of the material presented in both
Ethics of a Professional Massage Therapy Practice and Ethics of the Massage Therapy Session

Thursday, March 27th, Thursday, July 10th, Thursday November 6th
10am- 5pm   7 CE Hours   $160





3,500 classes since 1975 and still... 




TerraSky is still in the moving process to Springfield!!!


We will let you know where and when soon as the ink is dried but it will be nearby and beautiful!


Never a charge for meditation class ever! 


Join Larry in his 37th year of teaching the Sacred Heart Meditation. 
The sacred heart meditation is learning how to still your mind, focus your intentions and keep an open heart. It's a mastery class where you learn how to master your lower self.





Sunday Professional Massage Therapy Clinic:


Next Clinic dates are  

Sundays, January 19 , February 2+16,
March 2, 16, 30th


Reserve your space early.  



$55 for one hour



Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Steam Packs

(Regularly $100)


Call our main office to schedule your appointment,
(973) 263-2229.
These great massages are at our
Parsippany Medical Complex location only.

Clinic gift certificates make great gifts too.

"A massage in gifted hands is much more than a physical experience. With New Jersey Massage, it is a deep, relaxing journey that allows one's whole body to de-stress and come into balance."   

Robert Abramson, D.D.S., M.D






This month's MASSAGE specials:  

Take $20 off for you or a Gift Certificate


·        Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Facial
Combines the beautifying deep relaxation of a massage therapy facial

with the pain relieving expertise of a deep tissue massage.

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Compiled or written by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT



Why Medical Massage can improve  how you move and feel!


When Bob Hope and Rose Kennedy reached 100 years old they were asked, "What is the secret to your longevity?" Without hesitation they both said "massage." I knew it couldn't be the simple Swedish massage that people enjoyed on cruises and vacation they were talking about; sure it's relaxing and therapeutic but it had to be something more, something significantly more to so dramatically extend their life spans. After all, Bob Hope was not known to be health aficionado like my friend Jack LaLanne and genetics can only account for so much. Now after 35 years of performing and teaching massage to many, many thousands, I am literally at the very top of my skills and I can tell you why what I and my staff do makes such a profound difference over time.


In a we get older our muscles get harder, shorter and colder, eventually settling into our body pattern and determining how we move in space the remainder of our lives. Can you say frozen in time? Your discomfort, your stiffness and inflexibility is normal, we all get that. That's what aging is. You've might have heard me say one of my famous lines, "Rigamortis sets in way before you die."  The difference between the deep tissue, medical massage I do now and the fluff I did back in the 1970's is monumental. Very few therapists have lasted as long as I because the burn out rate is so very high and great massage can sometimes be like heavy construction work.  After all, it took you years to get hard and tight. Just look in the mirror. Does your head tilt to one side? Is one shoulder higher than the other? Do your feet point outward and the heel of your shoes wear out on one side? Did the "S" curve of your spine become a "C"? Do your shoulders or neck jut forward? Does your pelvis tilt down on an angle? This happens to all of us, it's not just you.


Sowhat we do and what I teach is to break up your muscular hardness and frozen, cold zones, then unfreeze your connective tissue, and finally go about opening up your energetic system (acupuncture system). This approach boosts your bodies healing capabilities by significantly increasing your internal oxygen storehouse. Our style of MEDICAL massage addresses your soft tissue pain and frozen gait with sophisticated soft tissue techniques. We are massage experts literally slowing down the aging process and keeping you way more flexible and young. It doesn't happen over night but it does happen! No one works on soft tissue more effectively than medical massage therapists and I trained an entire team of them. So let us wow you at any one of our offices; at the Parsippany Medical Complex, at It's Beyond Fitness in the Eisenhower Corporate Center in Livingston, at Dr. Sean McLaughlin's North Caldwell Wellness Center and of course the beautiful TerraSky when we open in Springfield." 


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Favorite Quotes or thoughts of the week

"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles,
It empties today of its strength."
Corrie Ten Boom 



If you went to your family physician and told him or her that you've been angry, short tempered and generally irritable lately, chances are you'd be told to take some time off. If that wasn't successful you might be referred to a psychotherapist or perhaps be given a prescription for an anti-depressive or anti-anxiety medication. While exploring the nature of your anger for a period of time with a good therapist might be very beneficial, the western medical model usually separates the body from the mind and its emotions. Now if you went with the same concern to a physician who specialized in Oriental Medicine, you'd be told to immediately stop eating animal fats, vinegar, eggs, and to take a sabbatical from alcohol and over eating.  


Instead of a long course of medication, or perhaps a year or two in therapy, in a short couple of weeks your anger would simply just dissipate from your dietary modification. 


Now how did that happen? In Oriental Medicine they don't separate the body from the mind, emotions or spirit. The human body is considered a dynamic whole. They say if you have an issue with your body physically, it most certainly affects you emotionally and even spiritually for that matter. For instance, the word for anger in Japanese is kan-shaku, which means liver illness. When you eat foods that over nourish the liver and its mate the gall bladder, there is a tendency to become explosive and angry. 


I remember my teacher, Michio Kushi, giving us a questionnaire to determine the level of our health. He said that if you got angry even once in a year, you possessed a "mind of slavery," and that your liver was to blame. This is why the French have the saying about anger, "Don't get your gall up." They are aware that the Gall Bladder and Liver are married to each other, so if one is having difficulty, the other one is too. In fact all the organ systems of your body are associated with this concept that an unhealthy or diseased organ creates aberrant emotional behaviors.


Another example would be your kidneys and bladder. They get influenced primarily from too much animal protein and salt, and when continually over nourished through the years the emotions that are said to surface are depression, fear and even paranoia. We in America are not trained to think of our fears and depression as being related to diet but what if it was explained like this. 


At the moment of death, a cow or pig, being conscious, exhibits terror and that extreme emotion surges through its nervous system instantaneously affecting every cell of its being. Then, you come along and eat that. Not a pretty picture huh? Still don't think your diet can influence who you are emotionally, or spiritually? 


An additional way to think about is that Americans routinely consume about a pound of flesh food a day, spread out between their three daily meals. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, ham and cheese for lunch, meatloaf for dinner. I know this is not you now, but at one time in your life it could have been, and we all know people who eat like this everyday.


In the course of an 80 year life span, at one pound of flesh per day, the simple math shows they would consume about 29,120 pounds of carcasses. If they were consuming just beef, that would translate out to roughly 67 cows being eaten by that one individual. Since most people's diets are varied, it might come out to 40 cows; maybe 20 pigs, and a bunch of lambs, sheep, maybe even a goat or two. Now, if you ate just one chicken a week, after 80 years you would have consumed 4,160 chickens and dairy products after 80 years; that comes out to 2,512 pounds of cheese and a whopping 48,000 pounds of non cheese dairy products. Don't believe me, just google it.


A RULE OF LIFE IS...If you want to be healthy physically and emotionally, you must eat low on the food chain, eat simply; grains, beans, seeds, nuts, soups, salads, fruits, veggies, green leafy's, etc. Your body can handle some animal flesh but remember, the more animals you eat the more problems you'll have. Just look at your teeth. Historically, anthropologically, only 15% of the teeth in your mouth have been created to handle flesh, so that's your upper limit. It's a flavoring, or side dish at best. 


All this death and cow fat doesn't make for an enlightened or healthy life. When you see people in emotional turmoil just think, what is going on in their body? What are the emotions of a person developing cancer or heart disease twenty years before they die from that affliction? You would have road rage too, if you ate like them. Give it some thought.