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Our Great Healing Center Terrasky Moves!

Featured Article: An Amazing Story for the New Year!!

JANUARY Master Classes for Massage Therapists, Nurses and Healers NCBTMB Provider Number 450461-07

FREE Meditation Class at Terra Sky: NO CLASS IN JANUARY, TerraSky is Moving!

$55 Deep Tissue/Swedish Massage Clinic dates are Sunday January 5th and 19th

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 TerraSky Moves To A Larger Facility in Springfield!

Nine years ago the Terrasky Center for Wellness

opened its doors in Summit. It was a center unlike most holistic and complementary healing facilities in New Jersey because of its unique, hand-chosen staff. Its Director, Kathy McCready, was one of the original, world famous Balanchine girls and the former Prima Ballerina of the New Jersey Ballet. If you know anything about Kathy's famous mentor and teacher, choreographer George Balanchine, the man who created the New York Ballet, you know his reputation as a fanatic for excellence. And so his young dancing student, Kathy, has continued in her teacher's footsteps.
Every staff member of Terrasky is at the top of their profession.
They have to be....
Kathy wouldn't have it any other way.  

When speaking about her new facility recently Kathy has said,  

"Many of our loved ones are afflicted with horrible conditions and illnesses. In addition to all the amazing medical research that is being conducted to find solutions to life's serious maladies, wouldn't it be great to have a facility that can teach our loved ones how not to get sick in the first place?
That's what Terrasky is all about.  

It's a place where you and your loved ones can learn how to get truly healthy from some of the very best in the getting-healthy business. State of the art exercise programs like our Xtend Ballet Bar, Gyrotonic (R), Drums Alive (R), Pilates, many different and wonderful styles of yoga, along with our amazing NIA dance exercise program,  are just some of the many offerings along with a great weight loss program. We offer nutrition education classes, a fabulous natural foods chef, free meditation classes, a wonderfully talented esthetician, micro-dermabrasion, acupuncture, an elite massage therapy staff, a medium, even a shaman.  

Our new place is being constructed right now in Springfield and as soon as it's ready to go,
we will have a brilliant grand opening celebration!  


Stay tuned. You'll be cordially  invited!" 






An Amazing Story for the New Year!

by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

My dear friend Mary, during one of her medical massage therapy sessions, shared with me that she was sponsoring a meeting featuring two very talented mediums and that I should definitely bring my lovely fiance Kathy and attend.
It would turn out to be an extraordinary evening.
For your information, a medium is

an intermediary or a listening channel between the world of the living and the world of spirit. Mediums claim that they can hear and relay messages from our loved ones who have passed over on the other side. You've probably seen the television show Crossing Over with John Edward. So on a Friday night we traveled over to East Rutherford for an evening not soon to be forgotten. It began with an explanation of how it worked: whenever a gathering is planned, individuals on the other side begin lining up to talk with or send a message to their loved ones. Most of the time these spirits are part of our family or friends but every once in awhile someone will show up with a message for a next door neighbor or an acquaintance. The mediums said that they will get impressions, hear names, circumstances, explanations, etc. and if what they are saying makes any sense to any of us that we should simply put up a finger to acknowledge that the impression they are getting means something to one of us. They didn't want us to help them outside of acknowledging that they were on the right track. After a short period of time, one of the mediums said, "I see two women, an older one and a younger one. They are giggling like school girls. The younger one is shy and hanging onto the older one and its the older one that is doing the communicating. She then asked the question, "Does anyone know a Jean?" Jean was my Kathy's mothers name so she raised her hand. The medium continued, "The younger one passed over more recently and I'm getting the impression that she succumbed to cancer. Actually breast cancer. Does that make any sense?" Once again Kathy raised her hand. Her sister in law Terry passed on from breast cancer some years back. Amazing as this may seem, once the connection was established, they started conversing. The medium, my Kathy, her mother, and her sister in law, Terry. There were a bunch of messages. To her three children, not to worry. She passed over and arrived safely. It was her time, her contract. Everything was okay. And please "tell Bob, her husband to lighten up." Kathy said that to her knowledge, the only one in the past that called her brother Robert, Bob, was his wife Terry.
The medium nailed the names and circumstances!
Then the evening progressed on. After all, there were 30 people attending, with many different family members and stories. That is until it got back over to where I was sitting. The same medium that talked with Kathy said, "I'm getting an impression from a young man or a man that acts very youthful. I feel he had a tragic accident. It was a moving vehicle but it wasn't a car, something much different. I'm seeing that he had his chest crushed." As soon as she said that, the tears started flowing down my cheeks and my spinal energy, my kundalini opened up like a fire up my spine. My dear friend, Chuckie, passed on three years ago from a tragic accident,
 shockingly getting crushed by a vehicle used to clean toxic environmental sites. We really didn't know what had happened, but apparently he went down to his son in law's warehouse to prepare the equipment to be delivered to a site for remediation. When he didn't answer phone calls, his girlfriend went searching and eventually found him, but it was too late.  

Chuckie had a lot to say to me and frankly, we went back and forth. First he said, "Please tell my children that I did not suffer. They took me out of my body before it succumbed." I didn't understand that at first. He too said that it had been his time and that everything was fine, and that he really enjoyed what I had said at his funeral. He asked if I knew where he was standing.  

Point in fact, I did!  

I felt him and also got corroboration from a gifted friend in the audience that has inner sight. Chuck then said he loved the joke I told. Before Chuck had passed on, he was really hot on his friends reading what he said was a life changing book by Zachariah Sitchen. He nearly drove us crazy at both of our offices buying copies for all of us. So at the funeral, I brought my copy of the book and turned to where I felt he was standing and simply said, "I'm finally reading it!" There had been many people in the audience who got the joke because Chuck had mentioned the book to them. After a little more small talk the communication was over. The next day I wrote about it on the Facebook site dedicated to Chuck and managed by his children. His daughter immediately wrote me, saying the tears were rolling down her eyes as she was writing to me. She said, "You don't realize what you have done. Thank you, thank you!" Apparently hearing that their dad didn't suffer and especially that it was his time, that there was no mistake made, gave them great solace. 

After meditating almost daily for 40 years and teaching over 3500 meditation classes, I have had so many profound spiritual experiences with the other side that I know from the very depth of my soul that there is absolutely no such thing as death! I share this with you on this New Year because many of you will lose loved ones in the future. I am very cognizant of the biblical quote, "I come like a thief in the night, you know not when." So for this New Year, resolve to live every moment as if it were your last. Don't miss an opportunity to tell those that you love that you do. Make right all the wrongs while there is still time.
Stop being a petty little person.  

Be magnanimous!  

(definition of magnanimous- very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself, benevolent, big-hearted, princely, altruistic, philanthropic, unselfish, noble! 

Carpe Diem!
Folks the clock is ticking...





JANUARY 2014 Master Classes for Massage Therapists, Nurses and Healers

Licensed by the NJ Department of Education
NCBTMB Provider Number 450461-07  

Take a class  



         "Feed your head!"  



"I love coming to this school. It amazes me what I learn here, it always goes beyond my expectations."

Deborah Gallo, LMT

"I love coming to this school!"

Lois Bass, LMT

"Love, love, love the classes and instructors!"

Christine Stites, LMT


"This official note is long overdue. Just now stumbled across your email address! So many times I think of my priceless gift of joining your classes at the North Jersey Massage Training Center. ALL of the classes I took were exceptional! They were professionally taught, appropriately covered the specific areas or specialties, and I have used them all here on Maui at the spa where I work. Head and shoulders above all (no Pun intended!) was the class covering the neck and shoulders. You would be amazed at the wonderful results and happy clients. One gentleman said, "I have had massages literally around the world at Four Seasons Hotels and the best Asian hotels. Your massage is the best I ever had!" Another one said, "That was excellent! That is the best massage I ever had." When people go out with those comments after massage I am pleased too. They feel great!

And I am grateful to have studied with you and added to my continuing education in such a worthwhile manner."

 Debbie Kimball, LMT


Saturday, January 4th 

Ultimate Medical Massage Series

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT
10am-6pm 8 CE Hours $175    

Learning How to Address the Major Soft Tissue Complaints 

The pre-requisite for this class is attendance in at least 3 Ultimate Series classes.


There are a group of soft tissue conditions that absolutely respond the best to soft tissue applications, this is what makes the type of work we do invaluable! It gives us our niche.  

As a medical massage therapist you are a soft tissue complaint specialist and


 Larry will start by performing a complete medical massage session, demonstrating the techniques taught throughout the Ultimate Series. In addition, he will specifically address the complaints brought to us everyday in our practices and how to clinically assess and develop a treatment protocol using the advanced techniques we have learned. We will then continue by spending the remainder of the day in supervised practice, honing and developing the skills we have been immersed in.  If how you get to Carnegie Hall is practice, then we're going to tune up your hands for a great healing massage symphony.



"This class has given me much more than excellent new techniques. It has also encouraged me to change my lifestyle to a healthier way of being."  

Pat Warman, LMT



"Larry is awesome! I highly recommend the medical classes to any massage therapist specializing in pain management."

Jaclyn Seitz, LMT





Monday, January 6th

Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Temple Bodywork 

with Bianca Franchi, LMT, NCTMB


Lomi Lomi I:

Monday, January 6th


Tuesday, April 1st

7 C.E. Hours

Monday, August 4th

Monday, December 1st



Lomi Lomi II: Advanced training and practice

Saturday, March 29th


Monday, July 28th

7 C.E. Hours

Monday, November 24th


$300 if you sign up for both at the same time.

Join us for the day to explore this sacred form of Hawaiian bodywork.
Originally, Lomi Lomi was developed by the Hawaiian Shaman called Kahuna to align the body, mind and spirit. It's is filled with beautiful long sweeping strokes similar to a Hula dance and you might have heard that Lomi can really save your hands.
Participants during this hands-on workshop will explore the principles for conscious touch and learn some of the great energetic healing techniques performed in an actual Lomi Lomi session. You will have plenty of time to learn it and practice on each other.  

"Bianca was wonderful, fun and very informative. She is especially passionate about her work and Lomi is great. I loved it!" 
Leslie Dondarski, LMT


Friday, January 10th 


A Practical Theory and Hands-on Approach 

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT
10AM-6PM 8 CE Hours $175 


Over 45 million Americans (about one in six) suffer chronic headaches each year.  Headaches therefore have a big economic impact -- when you have a throbbing pain in your head, it's hard to work.  The cost of these headaches in absenteeism and medical expenses is estimated as high as $50 billion per year.  Annually, people seeking treatment for headache pain account for 8 million consultations with physicians.  There are multiple causes of headaches and while most of these causes are not in the domain of massage therapy, tension and structural causes which account for many, are.  Join us for a comprehensive look at headaches and a surefire treatment plan that can be utilized for headache sufferers regardless of what the cause might be.  We have created a sophisticated massage therapy protocol for headache relief combining medical massage techniques like trigger point therapy, connective and deep tissue bodywork with traditional shiatsu for the neck, shoulders and upper back.


"This was the class I much needed and hoped for. It provided many techniques I will use everyday with my clients. Larry goes beyond my expectations of an average class and presents an outstanding class. I will be back again for another of Larry's classes."   

Deborah Gallo, LMT 


Thursday, January 16th  

Ultimate Medical Massage Series:
Supervision and Practice

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT 

Thursday, January 16 

10am-6pm 8 CE Hours $175 



When learning so many new and exciting advanced techniques, the hardest thing to do is to find the practice time to incorporate them on a daily basis. This class will continue going over how to approach the techniques in our medical massage series and for the more advanced students, the top twenty soft tissue conditions with supervised practice time. So join us and spend an entire day reviewing, practicing and honing your skills in preparation for your practical certification examination.


After you've taken our entire program and have had enough time to easily incorporate our techniques into your massage repertoire, you are ready to take your practical medical massage certification examination.  At that point you will schedule a one on one hour and a half massage with Larry and if you show high competency and pass, you will receive the coveted New Jersey Massage Medical Massage Certification. 


"I've taken many wonderful classes here. This is a great school for
continuing education with an elite group of master teachers and
 one of the best free health newsletters around!

 Kathy McCready, LMT, former Prima Ballerina, NJ Ballet



Saturday, January 18th  

Supercharge your Swedish Massage


with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Saturday, January 18


Saturday, May 10

8 C.E. Hours

Saturday, September 13




Adding Shiatsu to your massage will supercharge your work!

Shiatsu is a deeply powerful and complete form of bodywork, respected worldwide and based on thousands of years of empirical data. What's more profound is that the meridian system and its specific acu-points have a deep influence on our musculature, the internal organ conditions and the immune and nervous systems. Join us for this one day workshop, where Larry will teach you how to add the most powerful shiatsu lines and points to supercharge your Swedish massage.

"The first 8,000 massage treatments I performed in my career were Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu sessions. I had studied for years with the Macrobiotic and Japanese Masters Michio Kushi and Sensei Masahiro Oki and was amazed at their breath of wisdom, power and effectiveness. There wasn't any type of overhead bar or other props in the early 1970's and you did not walk on your client's body. Instead it was a very sophisticated form of bodywork using many parts of your own body to treat your client while concentrating on the energy lines called meridians and specific acupuncture points called tsubos." 

Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT



Sunday, January 19th 

Ultimate Medical Massage Series: The Back 

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Sunday, January 19


Saturday, March 15

8 C.E. Hours

Monday, May 19


Friday, July 18

Monday, September 8

Friday, November 14


Amazing Back Work that will make all the difference in the world!  

To give a great massage, one that has your clients buzzing and returning again and again, is what it's all about.  Approaching the back, its hardness, its armoring, and its painful anomalies must be Massage 101 for us.  If you do not successfully address their "aching back" you will lose your clients to someone who will!  Join us as Larry creates an all day, hands-on, medical massage learning lab.  Our focus will be "back central", combining deep tissue and trigger point therapies, Osteopathic massage techniques, shiatsu and Larry's very special muscular approach entitled, "stretch and strip". This class will teach you how to save your hands while you give the most sophisticated massage of your life and it will dramatically raise your skills and your bottom line!


"In the Orient the title master is used respectfully for someone who has performed 25,000 treatments. At nearly 50,000, spanning 37 years, Larry has surely established his expertise.  He shares an amazing range of insight and his techniques are quite extraordinary." 

Sifu Chuck Loeffler, B.A., B.S., LMT, Tai Chi/Chi Kung Master (in memoriam)


"Truly enjoyed this class. Learned so much!!" 

Gail Rippili, LMT 



Monday and Tuesday, January 20th and 21st  

The Ultimate Hot Stone Class 

with Paul Dobo, LMT


Monday and Tuesday January 20+21
Sunday and Monday April 27+28
Saturday and Sunday July 26+27
Monday and Tuesday October 20+21
10am-6pm 16 CE Hours $325
Limit 8 per class


It's not just from the increased revenue, which is nice; it's also about how well the stones fit into a great massage therapy session. The ability to use heated stones to sculpt muscle and provide exceptional deep tissue work is an added advantage. Unfortunately many facilities here in New Jersey have been cautious about offering Hot Stone Massage lately and with good reason, many burns and injuries have been reported. As one of the original three schools in NJ, we are all too aware of what is happening in our industry. To counter the bad press and a recent rash of insurance mandates, we are excited to offer a personalized two day Hot Stone training that will give you the tools and fulfill the recent additional educational requirements by your professional organizations. Our instructor, Paul Dobo is thelead therapist and lead corporate trainer for Hand and Stone. Paul travels the country teaching protocols and contraindications for hot stone massage and w

e believe our program is a cut above. From the history of hot stone usage and a comprehensive review of protocols needed to set up a great stone practice, to the specific routines you will employ and the specialized therapeutic techniques you will learn, we will help you understand, develop and successfully administer a hot stone practice.  

We got your hot stone education covered! 


Wednesday, January 22nd  

Foot & Hand 

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Wednesday, January 22


Thursday, April 10

8 C.E. Hours

Monday, August 25

Friday, December 12


The secret to a great massage is sometimes found in the humblest of places!


Foot and hand work is something most massage therapists are weak in. For whatever reason, many schools gloss over this very important part to your massage. At our school we teach that good foot and hand work can be the difference between a satisfied client and one that will go elsewhere. This class will help you hone your foot and hand work, giving you a new, fresh approach that will have your clients returning again and again for more. Our deep tissue approach includes the neuromuscular trigger point work that will help eradicate pain and tension as in addressing plantar fasciitis or arthritic hand complaints and combine the most powerful shiatsu points on the legs and arms, feet and hands. The acupuncture/acupressure points in Japan are known as tsubos. The specific tsubos called the Go, Gen, Sei points are one the secrets to an extraordinary session in Japanese shiatsu or Chinese Tui Na. This is not a reflexology class that requires a completely different serious course of study. The combination of trigger points and shiatsu makes it some of the most powerful foot and hand massage work you'll ever experience. 

You will dig this class and so will your hands and feet! 


"Teacher is excellent, he's a master of his art. This was an excellent course!"Anonymous C.E. evaluation 


Friday, January 24th  

Healthy Breast Massage Training
with Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB


Friday, January 24th       Friday, April 18th       Friday, July 25th         Friday, Nov. 21st 

10am-6pm, 8 CE Hours, $200 


Learn how to include ethical breast massage during your massage sessions. 

The State of New Jersey requires eight hours of additional training to perform it.  

This workshop will fulfill the State requirement: 

        Remove the taboo from the practice of breast massage.

        Become comfortable and knowledgeable about the choice of breast massage.

        Understand the benefits of breast massage.

        Review the anatomy and physiology of the breast

        Demonstrate a minimum of six hands-on techniques.

        Discuss the legal, ethical and emotional issues relating to breast massage.

        Learn proper positioning and draping.

        Learn how to introduce your client to the new techniques.

        Obtain hand out materials and learn self breast massage.

        Identify the guidelines for ethical breast massage.

Must be state licensed to enroll in this program.


 "Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable."  

Ernesto Vivas, LMT 


"Love Cheryl! What an amazing teacher, woman, and mentor." 

Jen Weisenberg, LMT    


Sunday, January 26th  

Table Stretch Your Clients 

with Henry Roth, DC, NCBTMB
Sunday Jan. 26th
Sunday, June 8th
Sunday, Nov. 16th
10-6 pm 8 CE Hours


Your Clientele Will Love a Sophisticated Table Stretching Program!

One of the secrets of a great massage session is running your clients body through a comprehensive range of motion.
For starters they love the additional work and it will help reverse their aging process and promote youthful and flexible joints. Not a week goes by that I don't get complimented on my stretching protocols and frankly Dr. Henry really knows his stuff.
Experience this one day intensive with Olympic Massage Therapist, Dr Henry Roth, as he guides you through the theory of muscle contraction. Learn how to lengthen the muscle, eliminate spasms and maintain proper anatomical form. Discover the dynamics of stretch for your clients and especially for yourself. Achieve the supple, calm and flexible muscles you have always desired. Make your body a better place to live. MANUAL INCLUDED.


"Dr. Roth teaches flexibility techniques for your table work that will open new dimensions for your clientele."
Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT 


Monday and Tuesday, January 27th and 28th  


Includes HIV/AIDs and Other Life-Altering Illnesses, and Hospice 

with Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB


Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 27+28


Monday and Tuesday, April 7+8

16 C.E. Hours

Monday and Tuesday, July 14+15


Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 6+7




Cheryl is one of the most popular cancer massage educators in the USA!

We are much honored to present our former graduate and the former President of the NJ Chapter of American Massage Therapy Association in this important training program.  This class fulfills insurance regulations requiring a basic mandatory understanding of utilizing massage therapy for cancer patients, as well as touching on life-altering illnesses. Cheryl will address the contraindications and the anatomy and physiology to positioning, draping, massage techniques, legal issues and documentation. This workshop is open to all levels of massage and bodywork practitioners, hospice caregivers and health care providers - especially those interested in cancer care.


Cheryl is very knowledgeable and approachable. Her desire to share massage as a healing presence and as a way to reconnect with the body, grows from a place of genuine care. Her class is informative, practical and inspirational. Thank you!"

Bernadine Ileto, LMT


"Cheryl is a wonderful and patient teacher."

Sara, LMT 


"Cheryl is a gifted with her knowledge and teaching."
Gail Vaichulis, LMT


Wednesday, January 29th  

Myofascial Release Series  

with Sarah Borda, LMT, NCTMB


"Fabulous class. Love Sarah!"Mary Elliot, LMT

Core/Upper Body/Scar Release

Wednesday, January 29th


Wednesday, May 28th

8 C.E. Hours

Wednesday, September 24th



Core/Lower Body/Scar Release

Wednesday, March 26th


Wednesday, July 30th

8 C.E. Hours

Wednesday, December 10th


Can be taken in any order you please.



Looking for a way to energize your massage treatments? 

Join us as John Barnes personal classroom assistant, Sarah Borda, LMT, NCBTMB teaches Myofascial Release principals and techniques as taught by her teacher John F. Barnes.
From series 1 to 4, Sarah will help build your MFR education, filling you with extraordinary techniques that can be incorporated into your massage practice very easily and effectively. MFR can help your clients and you feel better by addressing the plethora of aches and pains your clients present to you. In addition, MFR is easy on your body, you will learn how to use balls, wedges, and tools that make your job easier and give you better results. In each seminar you will learn self-treatment techniques that will keep you healthy and more in tune with your own body. You will receive great treatment and also learn so much!
Make it easier on yourself.
Slow down, feel... and stop working as hard with MFR.  

As Sarah says, "Listen to your body, follow your heart."







3,500 classes since 1975 and still... 





TerraSky is moving to Springfield!!!


We will let you know where and when soon as the ink is dried but it will be nearby and beautiful!


Never a charge for meditation class ever! 


Join Larry in his 37th year of teaching the Sacred Heart Meditation. 
The sacred heart meditation is learning how to still your mind, focus your intentions and keep an open heart. It's a mastery class where you learn how to master your lower self.

Terra Sky Center for Wellness 

   (908) 277-1222




Sunday Professional Massage Therapy Clinic:


Next Clinic dates are  

Sunday, January 5th and 19th 


Reserve your space early.  



$55 for one hour



Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Steam Packs

(Regularly $100)


Call our main office to schedule your appointment,
(973) 263-2229.
These great massages are at our
Parsippany Medical Complex location only.

Clinic gift certificates make great gifts too.

"A massage in gifted hands is much more than a physical experience. With New Jersey Massage, it is a deep, relaxing journey that allows one's whole body to de-stress and come into balance."   

Robert Abramson, D.D.S., M.D







This month's specials:  

Take $20 off for you or a Gift Certificate


        Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Facial
Combines the beautifying deep relaxation of a massage therapy facial

with the pain relieving expertise of a deep tissue massage.

        Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu
Extraordinary one hour or hour and a half acupressure treatment

        Muscle Stripping
This is an amazing technique that renews your legs, strips down and lengthens the muscles and it is touted as a technique that lessens the appearance of cellulite.
great for the athlete in your family!


        At our Parsippany, Livingston, Fairfield and North Caldwell offices.

"That's the best massage I've ever had!"


Five Packs, Ten Packs, Luxury Combination Packages

Medical Massage and EVERY style, serving every price range*


 "This is a highly trained medical massage team addressing soft tissue complaints with refined, neuromuscular hands-on therapy. Whether you are tight or in pain, just want to get flexible, or feel younger and look your best, these are the people to go to; this is the place to go." 

Dr. Henry Katz, M.D., Internal Medicine 

(973) 263-2229







Compiled or written by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


How is it my friends that you and I didn't hear a peep about this major study  conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine? Essentially it was the biggest study of it's kind, and it dramatically confirmed that the Mediterranean Diet is the cats meow! This is something that we knew definitively with Nathan Pritikin at the Mayo Clinic a way back in the 1970's.
Well welcome to the show JAMA. Glad you finally made it. Think of how many people could have been helped over the 35 years.
Just saying...

Does anyone out there want to speculate why your vitamins have become so dangerous all of a sudden?

All over the world the pharmaceutical industry with the help of big government has moved to take over the vitamin industry. All under the guise of safety, quackery and professional standards. These are the folks whose drugs kill six figures every year. You would think that would be on the front page of the NY Times.
When a bunch of people died some years back from the tainted Japanese tryptophan, our government took it off the market for years but when twice as many died from a bad batch of pain reliever, it was just days.
You know why?

The tryptophan allegedly worked better than the prescription drugs.

Very convenient to take it off the market.
Somebody recently said that suicide rates on anti depressive drugs is at an all time high. You think they will ever take mind altering drugs like anti depressives off the market?

I don't think so.

It's all about money and all the NY Times hoopla, all the pharmaceutical industry funded research studies, government lobbyists, friends in the press passing along government and pharmaceutical propaganda. Next thing there will be a bill in Congress calling for vitamins by prescription.

They're coming for your vitamins folks!

Wake up

Numerous recent studies confirm what many of us know, a sedentary life style is dangerous. In fact , a lack of physical exercise may be as dangerous as smoking. According to Dr. Alpa Patel of the American Cancer Society, "Our bodies are meant to move. As we become more sedentary, we put ourselves at greater risk for a lot of diseases."

A direct quote from our friends at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Animal Products Linked to Cancer

"Consumption of meat and other animal products is strongly linked to several types of cancer, according to an article published in the journal 

Nutrients. The author analyzed data on 21 different cancers in 157 countries and found that certain factors, especially diet, were associated with risk for developing specific cancers. Specifically, the association between animal product consumption and cancer was as strong as that linking tobacco and cancer. Possible mechanisms for risk include animal products' promotion of growth and high iron and fat content. The author notes that while detection and treatment are important, animal product consumption has been recognized as a cancer risk for more than a century and needs to be addressed in order to prevent the deadly disease."

Grant W. A multicountry ecological study of cancer incidence rates in 2008 with respect to various risk-modifying factors. Nutrients. 2014;6:163-189.  


"Kale and collard greens contain vision-protecting plant nutrients such as zeaxanthin that may significantly lower the risk of glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness."
Dr. Michael Greger

 This article I saw in an online publication called the Natural News.
Very interesting, check it out. 

Forget Lipitor and other statin drugs:
The top 7 natural remedies to reduce cholesterol levels

Monday, April 23, 2012 

by JB Bardot

John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace



Must See Videos


Sometimes I find exceptional articles or videos that I like to share with you.  

Here's a bunch that I really enjoyed as of late.


"The Seven Things I Did to Lost 220 Pounds Without Dieting"   

"The Origins and Meanings of Ashkenazic Last Names"  

Fluoride and Iodine    

Vegans have better arteries than runners? 




        "If you hear that someone is speaking ill of you, instead of trying to defend yourself you should say: 'He obviously does not know me very well, since there are so many other faults he could have mentioned.'" ~Epictetus


        180 million people died from wars during the 20th century.


        "The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money. " Anonymous