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June Newsletter 2013

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A Natural Fountain of Youth! Really

NUTRITION EDUCATION for the New Millennium at TerraSky

Macrobiotic Summer Conference

June Continuing Education Classes: NCBTMB Provider Number 450461-07

Body Mind Dynamics: Personal Training

Tai Chi/ Chi Kung with Sifu Gary Carbone

Sacred Heart Meditation Group FREE: next class June 6th

Sunday Professional Massage Therapy Clinic: Sundays, June 9th & 23rd

This Month's Massage Special Discounts

Food for Thought: Nutrition and Health Column


 A Natural Fountain of Youth! Really...    by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


On their hundredth birthdays both Bob Hope and Rose Kennedy were asked about the secret to their longevity. Without hesitation both replied daily deep tissue massage! What is it about this style that I teach and have performed daily since 1975 that makes such a profound difference in so many of my clientele's health?


Let me explain it like this;

As we age our muscles get tighter, shorter and way more inflexible. This is why so many of us lose inches height wise and with age our gait begins to get gnarled and twisted with a hip, shoulder or neck that becomes frozen or even bent over to one side. Since I started teaching, I would say time and time again that "Rigor mortis (the stiffening of the joints and muscles of a body after death) sets in way before you die."

Let me repeat that;

"Rigor mortis sets in way before you die!"


In addition to the soft tissue rigidity comes cold and stagnation. When the great Sensei Masahiro Oki would teach us, he would call attention to any bodily area that was cold to the touch. This he would point out is an area that is becoming diseased and stagnant perhaps from excess nutrition but certainly due to lack of circulation, blood flow and oxygen. It is well documented that a body that is deprived of oxygen becomes acidic and invites a host of serious problems, not least of which is healing.  Acid bloodstreams are notorious collectors of negative organisms that fester like cancer, fungus, bacteria, parasites and candida. Acidosis (a blood Ph lower than 7.35) is a scourge of modern society and contributes to so many serious degenerative conditions like osteoporosis and cancer. This is why our bodies have a built in system to maintain an alkaline environment (homeostasis). There are many approaches that encourage the body to maintain a healthy Ph, meditation and breathing exercises, eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, regular miso soup (the organic ones and be sure to use wakame seaweed in it), using pink Himalayan Crystal Salt (table salt is acidic) or even drinking alkaline water like Mineral Valley, Icelandic, Volvic or Fiji. Even a squeeze of lemon juice in your water can alkalize or try those drops.


But my favorite alkalizer is deep tissue massage!

Deep tissue massage oxygenates the blood stream significantly increasing circulation, promoting alkalinity and ultimately healing.


After working on thousands of world class athletes I have come to the definitive conclusion that for longevity, flexibility is way more important than strength. That's just my opinion but it is based on 38 years of clinical hands-on experience. A healthy body should be soft and pliable. Even the notion of hard body is a misnomer. Hardness is aging and in my world hardness suggests degeneration and an area that can be riddled with challenges. It also signifies an area that is slow to heal and repair itself. The only time your muscles should be hard is when they are flexed, then it's normal. When an athlete contracts their muscles, they should pump up like a blowfish but at rest the soft tissue should be soft like a pate'. I approach hardness gingerly, stripping the muscles gradually, all the while desensitizing, like peeling an onion skin layer by layer. By combining deep tissue muscle stripping, myofascial stretching, trigger point therapy with cross fiber friction and hydroculator packs, most areas let go of their pull on the joints. So suddenly the rotator cuff problems diminish, the meniscus tear stops hurting and the inflammatory condition brewing in the hip flexors begins to cool. As I sculpt the soft tissue into a healthy, glowing, oxygen enriched environment, people's lives change for the better, sometimes dramatically. It doesn't happen over night because it is a process that is cumulative but it really works and eventually prevents the hardness from setting in and determining how you move in space. Yes you can call me Ponce de Leon because this type of body work is the fountain of youth or as they say in the Bronx, "The fountain of yute."

Remember when you are increasingly stiff and tight you are getting a glimpse of your old age.

Give it some thought.








Presented by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

Third Thursday of each month

May - August 2013!


We are excited to add another crucial piece to the healthy life pie. Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT, was the former director of nutrition for the Parsippany Medical Complex. Join Larry one Thursday of each month at 8:15pm for a nutrition education program that will change your life.

Each week we will be discussing different aspects of healthy nutrition, from the practical, like daily food choices, shopping, menu planning, dining out and healthy recipes, to the clinical, like daily vitamin supplementation, acid/alkaline balance, and specific medicinal foods.    

May 16, 2013: The Clinical Nutrition Overview: The Do's, Don'ts and Why. Includes the aging body in light of the latest longevity research, understanding acid/alkaline balancing.

June 13, 2013: The Best Healthy Choices: Designing a healthy diet gradually and pain-free. Discusses the best food choices in every food category and specific traditional medicinal foods.

July 18, 2013: The Practical Considerations: daily food choices, shopping, menu planning, dining out, healthy recipes, and strategies for getting your family to change.

August 15, 2013: Making Supplements Work for You: What to take, how much and why.

When: Thursdays, May-August (May 16th, June 20th, July 18th, August 15th)

Time: 8:15-10:00pm
Cost: $40 per class OR $135 for the 4-class series

To Register Call: 908-277-1222 Pre-registration required    

Read what others have said about this program:
"I was very impressed by the quality of Heisler's workshop, which he presented to more than thirty-five teachers and school administrators in our district. He really motivated the teachers to take an honest assessment of their current health and nutritional practices and strive to improve the quality of their life. Larry's straightforward approach and extensive teaching background were very well received."
Betty Lou Bionde, Principal Parsippany School District

"New Jersey Massage conducted nine programs for Selective employees during our annual Employee Appreciation Week. These well-presented seminars were a great fit with our focus on wellness and nutrition, and our employees were very enthusiastic about the important health and wellness insights they learned. Many have told us they were making changes recommended in the Ten Things You Can Do to Dramatically Improve Your Life. At our corporate headquarters, we are following through on concepts introduced in the New Jersey Massage Wellness series by working with our food services vendor to provide additional healthy eating choices for employees. Understanding factors that contribute to good health and making the parallel nutritional and lifestyle choices clearly boosts both our personal and professional lives."
Gregory Murphy, Chairman, President and CEO Selective Insurance   


"Larry's knowledge is incredible- his openness with his hard earned information is inspiring. I will certainly be taking more of his classes!!" 

Ricki Demarest, LMT  

"Larry is an amazing teacher! His knowledge seems unlimited."
Christina Cucci, LMT 



This is one of the most transformational weekends you'll ever attend!




Three days of amazing classes and organic macrobiotic cooking from great chefs! 


CHECK IT OUT but don't hesitate, it sells out every year.

Kushi Institute Summer Conference 

Dolce Executive Conference Center in Basking Ridge, NJ.
2013 Summer Conference - August 1-4, 2013

  Healthy Body - Healthy Mind - Your Path to Total Health!



 June Master Classes for Massage Therapists, Nurses and Healers

NCBTMB Provider Number 450461-07

"Feed your head!"  






Time in

Time out





Wednesday, 6/5/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Myofascial Release - Series 2: Core/Lower Body/Scar Release

Sarah Borda



Friday, 6/7/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Supercharge your Swedish Massage with Shiatsu

Larry Heisler



Sunday, 6/9/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Positional Release Therapy

Dr. Henry Roth



Monday, 6/10/13

10:00 AM

5:00 PM

Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Temple Bodywork - Level I

Bianca Franchi



Tuesday, 6/11/13

1:00 PM

6:00 PM

Core Presentation

Larry Heisler



Friday, 6/13/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

The Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Facial

Larry Heisler



Saturday, 6/15/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu:
Prone 1

Larry Heisler



Saturday, 6/15/13

10:00 AM

5:00 PM

New Jersey State Legal

Stephen C. Parker



Monday, 6/17/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Mastectomy Massage

Cheryl Chapman



Tuesday, 6/18/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Thursday, 6/20/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Hip & Leg Medical Massage

Larry Heisler



Saturday, 6/22/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu:
Prone 2

Larry Heisler



Monday, 6/24/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Back Medical Massage

Larry Heisler



Thursday, 6/27/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Neck Medical Message

Larry Heisler



Saturday, 6/29/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu:
Supine 1

Larry Heisler





Wednesday June 5th

Myofascial Release: Series 2 

Core/Lower Body/Scar Release
8 CE's $175
with Sarah Borda, B.A., LMT, NCTMB  


Looking for a way to energize your massage treatments?  Join us as John Barnes personal classroom assistant, Sarah Borda, LMT, NCBTMB teaches Myofascial Release principals and techniques as taught by her teacher John F. Barnes. From series 1 to 4, Sarah will help build your MFR education, filling you with extraordinary techniques that can be incorporated into your massage practice very easily and effectively. MFR can help your clients and you feel better by addressing the plethora of aches and pains your clients present to you. In addition, MFR is easy on your body, you will learn how to use balls, wedges, and tools that make your job easier and give you better results. In each seminar you will learn self-treatment techniques that will keep you healthy and more in tune with your own body. You will receive great treatment and also learn so much! Make it easier on yourself. Slow down, feel... and stop working so hard with MFR. As Sarah says, "Listen to your body, follow your heart."


"Fabulous class. Love Sarah!"  Mary Elliot, LMT



Friday June 7th
Supercharge Your Swedish Massage with Shiatsu

10-6pm 8 CE's $175
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Shiatsu is a deeply powerful and complete form of bodywork, respected worldwide and based on thousands of years of empirical data. What's more profound is that the meridian system and its specific acu-points have a deep influence on our musculature, the internal organ conditions and the immune and nervous systems. Join us for this one day workshop, where Larry will teach you how to add the most powerful shiatsu lines and points to supercharge your Swedish massage.

"The first 8,000 massage treatments I performed in my career were Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu sessions. I had studied for years with the Macrobiotic and Japanese Masters Michio Kushi and Sensei Masahiro Oki and was amazed at their breath of wisdom, power and effectiveness. There wasn't any type of overhead bar or other props in the early 1970's and you did not walk on your client's body. Instead it was a very sophisticated form of bodywork using many parts of your own body to treat your client while concentrating on the energy lines called meridians and specific acupuncture points called tsubos." Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Sunday June 9th
Positional Release Therapy

10-6pm 8 CE's $175
Dr. Henry Roth, D.C., LMT, NCTMB


This gentle, manual biomechanical mobilization technique places the client's body in a comfortable position for 90 seconds which in turn allows the body to reset the problem muscle to normal, thereby setting the stage for the condition to resolve and heal itself. You will learn all the right moves to ease 21 types of muscle pain, from a stiff neck to an aching back. This therapeutic approach is based on the idea that each person and each pain is "one of a kind." Since the way people store pain is unique, effective treatment must take that uniqueness into account. This course has not been available for massage therapists in any of the continuing education programs available today. Now you have a chance to learn this very simple yet powerful technique that you can teach your clients for their self care.

"This is a first! Dr. Henry is the amazing therapist who taught us all how to table stretch our clients. Now he is continuing by teaching us the next cutting edge modality to add to our arsenal of effective massage therapy skills."  Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

"Dr. Roth is a wonderful, knowledgeable man to train with."  Anonymous, CMT



Monday June 10th
Lomi Lomi: Hawaiian Temple Bodywork-
Level 1
10-5pm 7 CE's $175
with Bianca Franchi, B.A., LMT, NCTMB


Join us for the day to explore this sacred form of Hawaiian bodywork. Originally, Lomi Lomi was developed by the Hawaiian Shaman called Kahuna to align the body, mind and spirit. Participants during this hands-on workshop will explore the principles for conscious touch and learn some of the more popular energetic healing techniques performed in an actual Lomi Lomi session.

"Bianca was wonderful, fun and very informative. Passionate about her work. Loved it!"  Leslie Dondarski, B.A., LMT



Tuesday June 11th
CORE Class Ultimate Medical Massage

1-6pm 6 CE's $140
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


It's very rare that massage therapists talk about the internal organ structure, the acupuncture lines and their relationship to the musculature unless you are studying acupuncture or taking a course like shiatsu. But the truth is in both eastern Oriental Medicine and western Applied Kinesiology, it is taught that the acupuncture energetic system, a.k.a. the meridian lines, directly influence the strength and integrity of the muscles. So if the Gall Bladder is overworked because last night we partied an ate way too much fat as in a large ice cream sundae or consumed way too much alcohol, anywhere that gall bladder meridian runs in your body, those muscles will be compromised and susceptible to injury. Did you ever wake up with a stiff neck and you said I must have slept wrong or caught a draft? Well since the neck is related to the gall bladder, there might have been another possibility, too much pizza and beer. In addition, the gall bladder meridian runs down into the rhomboids, as in those intrascapula knots we see so often, and it runs right down the hips into the IT Band. DO YOU SEE WHAT I'M GETTING AT?  If you know what foods and lifestyle habits control the meridians and what muscles are directly associated, you'll know something so profound that it will dramatically influence how you approach your massage therapy from this day on! And that's exactly what this class is going to teach. This presentation will change your entire perspective on how you approach bodywork!


"This is a must class for not only massage therapists but for all wellness practitioners. It is fresh, inspired, and original clinical information."   Margaret Alviggi, R.N., past recipient, Governor's Award New Jersey Nurse of the Year


"I love Larry's classes!"  anonymous LMT



Friday June 13th
The Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Facial

10-6pm 8 CE's $175
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT   


The Massage Therapy Facial is not the typical facial received at a salon by a cosmetologist or esthetician, rather it is one uniquely designed for us, the massage therapist. We do incorporate massage therapy techniques fully within the scope of our practice; effleurage, petrissage, deep tissue therapy, acupressure points, hand and foot treatments, hydrotherapy and a primer guide to choosing the finest selection of products for your special customers.  We will teach you all the components of a great facial massage including the creation of an a` la carte menu of services - from the equipment and supplies needed, to the actual application of products with the strokes and techniques utilized.  Join us for this all day hands-on presentation with its creator, our very own, Larry Heisler.


"Larry is an amazing teacher! His knowledge is unlimited." Christina Cucci, LMT  

  Dramatically increase your earning potential and offer your clients these valuable additional services.




Saturday, June 15
Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu: Prone 1

10-6pm 8 CE's $125
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

Join us for four career changing classes.


"The first 8,000 massage treatments I performed in my career were Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu sessions. I had studied for years with the Macrobiotic, Japanese and Korean Masters Michio Kushi and Sensei Masahiro Oki and was amazed at their breath of wisdom, power, insight and effectiveness. There wasn't any type of overhead bar or other props in the early 1970's and you did not walk on your client's body. Instead it was a very sophisticated form of bodywork using many parts of your own body to treat your client while concentrating on the energy lines called meridians and specific acupuncture points called tsubos." Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT



Monday June 17+18th
Mastectomy Massage

10-6pm each day 16
CE's $325
 with Cheryl Chapman RN, HNC, NCTMB


Whether breast surgery is life-saving or cosmetic, massage therapy is beneficial to the client and enhances the healing process.  Cheryl will cover:

o   An understanding of the physiological, social and emotional aspects of breast cancer and breast surgeries.

o   Review of the anatomy, physiology and lymphatic system of the breast.

o   Learn to recognize lymphedema and work safely with the condition.

o   Gain knowledge of the various breast surgeries: augmentation, explanation, reduction and implants.

o   Learn appropriate and effective massage techniques and hands on practice.

o   Positioning, body mechanics and draping for chair, side-lying and table.

o   Skills needed to teach clients self care techniques, including massage, R.O.M., exercise and stretching.

o   Survey of broad range of resources available to client and therapist.

"Great class! Learned so much."  Katherine Meechan, LMT



Thursday June 20th
Ultimate Hip and Leg Medical Massage

10-6pm 8 CE's $175
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT  


An extraordinary massage is one where every part of the treatment stands out by itself as distinctively great. Our hip and leg work includes our unique eastern and western synergy giving the practitioner advanced skills for whatever situation that arises, from piriformis syndrome and sciatic pain to psoas, groin, quad, ham, knee, and right down to the Achilles and foot. You'll be using your hands, forearms and elbows in new and unique ways with deep tissue trigger point work, muscle stripping, traction, meridian stretches and shiatsu. Come see why these techniques are used by the most successful of massage therapists and truly enjoy parts of your massage you never have enjoyed doing before.


"As always, your classes are fun and filled with great material!" Celeste Cappadonna, LMT

"Outstanding class with awesome techniques and supporting explanations and demonstrations. Amount of practice of technique on table very effective and appreciated."Elizabeth Phillips, LMT   


Saturday, June 22
Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu: Prone 2

10-6pm 8 CE's $125
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

Join us for four career changing classes.


"The first 8,000 massage treatments I performed in my career were Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu sessions. I had studied for years with the Macrobiotic, Japanese and Korean Masters Michio Kushi and Sensei Masahiro Oki and was amazed at their breath of wisdom, power, insight and effectiveness. There wasn't any type of overhead bar or other props in the early 1970's and you did not walk on your client's body. Instead it was a very sophisticated form of bodywork using many parts of your own body to treat your client while concentrating on the energy lines called meridians and specific acupuncture points called tsubos." Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT



Monday June 24th
Ultimate Back Medical Massage

10-6pm 8 CE's $175
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT  


To give a great massage, one that has your clients buzzing and returning again and again, is what it's all about.  Approaching the back, its hardness, its armoring, and its painful anomalies must be Massage 101 for us.  If you do not successfully address their "aching back" you will lose your clients to someone who will!  Join us as Larry creates an all day, hands-on, medical massage learning lab.  Our focus will be "back central", combining deep tissue and trigger point therapies, Osteopathic massage techniques, shiatsu and Larry's very special muscular approach entitled, "stretch and strip". This class will teach you how to save your hands while you give the most sophisticated massage of your life and it will dramatically raise your skills and your bottom line!

"In the Orient the title master is used respectfully for someone who has performed 25,000 treatments. At nearly 50,000, spanning 38 years, Larry has surely established his expertise.  He shares an amazing range of insight and his techniques are quite extraordinary."   
Sifu Chuck Loeffler, B.A., B.S., LMT, Tai Chi/Chi Kung Master (in memoriam)


"Truly enjoyed this class. Learned so much!!"  Gail Rippili, LMT  


  " Very Good, professional."  Lidia Cicerello, LMT





Thursday, June 27
Ultimate Neck Medical Massage

10-6pm 8 CE's $175
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT  


Dramatically increase your client's satisfaction by maximizing the results of your therapeutic massage. We will comprehensively address the neck and shoulder areas with some of the most effective and exciting advanced massage therapy techniques you have ever tried.  Again, expect to spend the day in a hands-on learning laboratory honing your skills under Larry's masterful supervision.  You will learn Osteopathic neck massage and specifically how to clear the trigger points from the neck region while simultaneously engaging this intricate area with a sophisticated combination of stretching, traction, shiatsu and cross fiber friction work.  Larry will address the sternocleidomastoid and scalene muscles, thoracic outlet syndrome, the posterior cervical region and much, much more.

"Larry's Ultimate Neck class is amazing.  After using the techniques I learned, one of my clients said it was the best neck work he ever had.  It has revolutionized the way I approach the neck!"  
Jeff Mills, LMT


"The best neck work I've done and received. I love the class. Larry is knowledgeable and engaging. His classes are so informative and a pleasure to be part of. I highly recommend this class!   Leslie Dondarski, B.A., LMT


"Loved the whole experience. Thank you, Larry!"  Susan Altier, LMT  


  "Loved the class! Very informative and fun. I always love classes here!"  Maria Dvorak, B.A., LMT




Saturday, June 29
Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu: Supine 1

10-6pm 8 CE's $125
with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

Join us for four career changing classes.


"The first 8,000 massage treatments I performed in my career were Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu sessions. I had studied for years with the Macrobiotic, Japanese and Korean Masters Michio Kushi and Sensei Masahiro Oki and was amazed at their breath of wisdom, power, insight and effectiveness. There wasn't any type of overhead bar or other props in the early 1970's and you did not walk on your client's body. Instead it was a very sophisticated form of bodywork using many parts of your own body to treat your client while concentrating on the energy lines called meridians and specific acupuncture points called tsubos." Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

PLEASE NOTE SUPINE 2 Saturday July 13th




Personal Trainers since 1984 comes to the Parsippany Medical Complex!
Unique corporate fitness and wellness support and personal training for all ages and abilities.
Steve Guttman, B.S, LMT, CYT, Director
973 263 2399


Sifu Gary Carbone One to One Tai Chi/Chi Kung
small group or family classes.
Chi Kung
 for Individuals with Health Challenges
call New Jersey Massage
for appointments
973 263 2229

"I've been studying with Gary for decades,
he's a bona fide Tai Chi Master,
who is humble, honest, clear and powerful."  
Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT 






Never a charge for meditation class ever! 

Join Larry in his 37th year of teaching the Sacred Heart Meditation. 
The sacred heart meditation is learning how to still your mind, focus your intentions and keep an open heart. It's a mastery class where you learn how to master your lower self.


Next Meditation Class at Terra Sky is

Thursday June 6th at 8pm


Put it on your calendar and please join us for an evening of spiritual fire!

   (908) 277-1222   ___________________________________________________________






Sunday Professional Massage Therapy Clinic:


Next Clinic dates are  

Sundays, June 9th, 23rd 

  Reserve your space early.  



$55 for one hour  


Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage,

with our wonderful massage therapists. 


Call our main office to schedule your appointment, (973) 263-2229.
These great massages are at our
Parsippany Medical Complex location only.



Clinic gift certificates make great gifts too


"A massage in gifted hands is much more than a physical experience. With New Jersey Massage, it is a deep, relaxing journey that allows one's whole body to de-stress and come into balance." 
Robert Abramson, D.D.S., M.D.






This month's specials: Take $20 off

  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Facial  combines the beautifying deep relaxation of a massage therapy facial with the pain relieving expertise of deep tissue massage.


  • Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu   extraordinary one hour acupressure treatment


  • Muscle Stripping
    this is an amazing technique that renews your legs, strips down and lengthens the muscles and it is said touted as a technique that lessens the appearance of cellulite. Great for athletes!

At our Parsippany, Livingston, Fairfield and North Caldwell offices.

"That's the best massage I've ever had"

Five Packs, Ten Packs, Luxury Combination Packages

*Medical Massage and EVERY style, serving every price range*


"This is a highly trained medical massage team addressing soft tissue complaints with refined, neuromuscular hands-on therapy. Whether you are tight or in pain, just want to get flexible, or feel younger and look your best, these are the people to go to; this is the place to go." Dr. Henry Katz, M.D., Internal Medicine 


  (973) 263-2229






Compiled or written by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT  


From Suzanne's Specialties:

Since 1984, Suzanne's Specialties has produced a growing line of all natural sweeteners, vegan sweeteners and organic sweeteners for retail and industrial clients.  


  cup of sugar equals:

1 cups rice syrup (Yinnies)
1/3 cup agave syrup
1 cups of barley malt extract
2/3 cup molasses
cup honey
cup maple syrup
cup fruit juice concentrate
1 cups dried fruit puree
2 cups fruit juice
cup unsweetened frozen juice concentrate
cup fruit
cup carrot juice


The Next Super Anti-oxidant Supplement: Tocotrienols  

quotes from the Allergy Research Group Newsletter

  • "Thirty-two individuals with high cholesterol were randomly assigned to either 300 mg. of mixed tocotrienols, or placebo capsules, for six months. The serum total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol of the subjects in the tocotrienol supplementation group decreased significantly."
  • "Tocotrienols improve the function of arteries."
  • "Tocotrienols can cure non alcoholic fatty liver disease."
  • "Tocotrienols are the future of Vitamin E research."
  • "In 2000 we tested all eight Vitamin E fractions on neuronal cells, and found that alpha- tocotrienol protected cells from degeneration at concentrations a thousand fold less than any other form of vitamin E."


On line information about tocotrienols:



Quotes from Andrew W. Saul, Editor Orthomolecular Medicine News


"There has not been even one death from vitamins over the last 28 years."  No deaths from vitamins: America's largest database confirms supplement safety. Dec. 28, 2011


"We are a nation of sick, undernourished, and overmedicated people. Half the population is on prescription drugs."



"Pharmaceuticals, taken as directed, kill over 100,000 per years just in the US.


I had the very great honor of chauffeuring this man around to different presentations I had arranged for him in the early 1980's.

" I hope [there will be established] a global peace strategy which would reach from outer-space to the atom, encompassing all aspects of our planetary home, the atmosphere, the seas and oceans, the polar caps, the continents, nations, regions, cities and villages; and from the whole human family to the individual, encompassing races, peoples, cultures, religions, generations, professions, institutions, firms, the family and all groups and associations created by the human race to attain a greater level of happiness and fulfillment;



- I pray that all human beings of this Earth become instruments of peace, thus fulfilling the cosmic function deeply engraved in each of us and for which we were born and allowed to live temporarily on this beautiful planet in the vast universe and eternal stream of time. The peace of the world is the sum-total of the peace of all individuals." From  Today I Dream, Excerpts from acceptance speech by Robert Muller, as the Laureate of the UNESCO Prize 1989 for Peace Education, Dr. Muller was the Undersecretary General of the United Nations.








"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions." Leonardo DaVinci



Laurel and Hardy dancing to Santana


 Laura Nyro Live singing Coffee Morning: 


Winston Churchill once said, "when I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had a lot of worries in his life, most of which never came to pass".


Michio Kushi's Dedication for One Peaceful World