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by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


"The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them."    Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


"Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life."    Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


            I have said many times in my writings that this is an interactive universe. The more sincere you are about working on yourself, the more you begin to interface with the natural science of this world. Psychologist Carl Jung talked about this, alluding that it was a common occurrence. In discussing the synchronistic nature of our human experience with Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli, Jung and his extraordinary friends believed that Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics were allied with these synchronistic experiences. Whatever you believe about dramatic coincidences literally shaping the direction of your life, they do happen.


            Case in point...when I was an assistant principal in Flatbush Brooklyn (1970's), I became close to my colleague and boss, the principal who I will call Mary. She was a remarkable educator that had devoted her entire life to teaching and administrating for special needs children. A few years after I had left my position and moved from Brooklyn to Northwest New Jersey, a group of us went to a Peter, Paul and Mary concert at a place called Waterloo Village. It was a really out of the way destination but perfect for a summertime show with beautiful environs. The outdoor tent fit thousands of ticket holders and our tickets were perfect, smack dab in the exact center of the arena.

            This is how it went down. We were brought to our aisle by the usher and the usual excuse me; pardon me, as we made our way to the actual seats. Upon sitting I had the profound realization that the person sitting exactly next to me was my friend and former colleague, Mary. She had her back turned away from me initially, as she was talking with a gentleman next to her. Nonchalantly I cleared my throat and exclaimed, "Yo Mary, who's the dude?" With that, my friend swung around looking startled and pale. She had traveled to another state with her secret lover to literally be incognito. I had no way of knowing because we hadn't talked in a couple of years. I guess the lesson for her was you can never really be incognito because you always take yourself with you. Or in this case a spook called Larry.


            This simple coincidence is a cute story that would mean less to me if it didn't happen on a regular basis. Hilda, my wonderful meditation teacher, would repeatedly remind her students that committing yourself to personal development and devout spiritual practice opens the door to the spirit world in amazing and powerful ways. This is an Interactive Universe, meaning the communication goes both ways and is so much more profound than your simple imagination.


            Decades ago we scheduled a parachute jump for a Sunday. Some how I thought a free fall experience was in my cards. On the Friday evening before the designated event I received a phone call from my friend Suzanne. She started the conversation off by exclaiming that she was sitting in her living room and as "Clear as day," she heard in her mind, "Call Larry." I got a kick out of that because I'm always telling folks that "God talks to us through other people." So I said, "Wow, that's cool, I haven't talked with you in about a year. How are you, the children, and your husband?" As Suzanne went through the family status, she said that everyone was doing fine and that her husband was visiting a friend in the hospital. I said, "Hospital?" She said, "Yeah, his friend did a parachute jump and landed on his neck and is paralyzed from head to foot." All of a sudden I was silent. "Sue..., let me get this straight. You are sitting in the living room and all of a sudden you get a distinct message in your mind to call me, is that correct?" "Yes." "For no specific reason, you just heard, call Larry." "Yes." Was that a coincidence or communication? The next day I canceled the parachute jump. One more...

          Some years back, I bartered with the great comedian Andy Kaufman's brother, Michael for Andy's personal massage table. It was old, a little shaky, and not a great table to use for regular clientele, but it was Andy Kaufman's (Latke on Taxi) and I loved his brother Michael as well, so I bartered. It sat in the shed until our school was to give free on site massage at the major Morristown Health Fair. We had a team of 19 massage students attending, so we brought Andy's table along, just in case we needed it. I remember that day vividly; we set up a large room with a dozen massage stations, sacred music, flowers, beautiful aromatherapy, a real healing environment with some of the best hands in the business. The room was filled with serenity and positive expectation. That was until..... Standing on the far side of this very large room I observed a lady meander into our healing space and cozy right up to Andy's table. She was a large lady. Ok...a very large lady. A Rodney Dangerfield fat joke of a large lady... One of our therapists immediately greeted her and before my scream reached her, "DON'T USE THAT TABLE!" the lady placed her derriere..... a derriere the size of Cleveland, right smack dab in the center of the table joist.


Now...You have to ask yourself the question, 

"What would Andy do?" And bang......the table split in two with Cleveland landing squarely on her ego, and with a thud at that. I ran across the room, rushing to her aide but she politely excused herself, assuring us she was all right and immediately left our space. At that moment the entire room began to giggle and then went up into a roar of laughter. I'm talking about 50 people in that room laughing so hard they were crying. Apparently my scream turned their attention to the event so everyone was in on Andy playing one of his last performances. It's as if he scripted it and I'm pretty certain I heard him laughing.


So here's the teaching...


The reason I call these Billboards from God is probably obvious. We get clear messages about our personal spiritual work all the time, particularly if we are paying attention. And yes sometimes we are so dense or stubborn, they need to be billboards. Maybe falling on her butt was a most embarrassing moment in her life but if she changed her course from that pivotal minute and averted the massive stroke that was coming her way, I'd say it was worth a little ego bruising.


Pain attention, there are omens all around you. The natural science of this world interfaces with you and gives you personal insights at all times. Synchronicity is not a miracle, it's just physics. You are not alone in the wilderness. There are natural laws at work.
Listen to the omens all around you.



Its spring, time to break up the winter hardness in your muscles with a couple of great deep tissue medical massages. We have them and they will get you healthy and ready for the warm weather coming. As we like to say, get young with us at New Jersey Massage. 


"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.
~William Shakespeare




"We are all Terminal!"  by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

My friend Jennifer came in for a massage therapy session the other day and told me a story that touched me deeply about her friend who was dying of cancer. From bed, her friend said and I'm paraphrasing, "You know Jen, we're all terminal. It's just that my time is a little more defined than yours." It was her friend's way of saying, enjoy your life, cherish your loved ones, give one hundred percent, don't sweat the small stuff, and don't let anything go unsaid or undone. But remember Sai Baba's words, "Speak the truth but let it be kind and helpful."

Now imagine yourself or a loved one in a similar situation. If you had the power to buy another year of healthy life for them or you, how much would it be worth to you? So stop penny pinching and whining when it comes to the important things like organic food, your exercise classes, your regular massage therapy, your vitamins, etc. These are the things that will add many, many healthy years onto your life. My mother at 92 years old, said to me, "Had I known I was going to live so long, I would have taken much better care of myself."


The Symptoms of Inner Peace and Real Spirituality

As you read through each symptom of inner peace, think about how far you've come and how far you have to go to achieve that special spiritual state of mind.


1.     A tendency to think an act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experience.

2.     An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

3.     A loss of interest in judging others.

4.     A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.

5.     A loss of interest in conflict.

6.     A loss of the ability to worry.

7.     Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

8.     Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.

9.     Frequent attacks of smiling.

10.  An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.

11. An increased susceptibility to the love extended by others, as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.


One evening, I was listening to the Ronald Hoffman, MD show on the radio. He had a guest on who was the director of Naturopathic Medicine at the Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers of America and had just published a book on alternative cancer approaches entitled, Definitive Guide to Cancer: An Integrated Approach to Prevention, Treatment & Healing by Dr. Lise Alschuler. Dr. Hoffman said it was hands down the best alternative cancer book on the market. Dr. Hoffman asked his guest if there was one magic bullet in her arsenal to fight against the dreaded disease, what her recommendation would be. With no hesitation Dr. Lise said Green Tea. Now to drink 5 or 6 cups of green tea can be difficult for most of us but what about an extract? Yeah, a dropperful of organic, naturally sweetened, caffeine free green tea extract. Think about it.



Pain and Massage Therapy:In an article published in Parade Magazine I read the following, "In a survey conducted by ResearchAmerica, a medical-research advocacy group, 57% of adults said they'd experienced chronic pain in the last year, and 84% of those who suffered pain said they would rate it at 4 or above on a scale of 0 to 10." The most commonly reported pains were back and spine with arthritis and joint pains coming in second, followed by headaches/migraines and knee and shoulder pain. Some 40% surveyed said they were in pain regularly and 66% said they expect to experience pain the remainder of their lives. Are you one of these people or know someone who is? After 34 years of performing massage therapy on nearly 50,000 people, I would have to say the majority of the folks I've worked on fall into the chronic pain and stiffness category. Muscular tightness, inflexibility, cold and stagnation seem to be synonymous with the aging process. And you've heard me say over and over again, "Rigamortis sets in way before you die." So what's a person to do? Our mission statement at New Jersey Massage is to keep you young and flexible and perhaps most importantly pain free. That's why we offer so many extraordinary massage styles like medical, deep tissue and trigger point therapy. And our classes in yoga, tai chi, nutrition and meditation all have a place in the forever young category. According to DaySpa magazine, massage is the number 1 requested treatment across the board. When asked on their one hundredth birthdays, the secret to their longevity, Bob Hope, George Burns and Rose Kennedy all said massage was their secret! A regular massage will keep your muscles soft and flexible, will increase your circulation and extend your shelf life. In the long haul, it's well worth the investment.


According to Dr. Martin Milner from the Center for Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, "Nattokinase, can help prevent hardening (of arteries) with an oral dose of as little as 100 mg. a day." I've been taking this for a long, long time now and we sell it in our office. Maybe you should google it.

"Spring - an experience in immortality. Thoreau 


In a survey by Research America, a medical research advocacy group, 57% of the adults said they'd experienced chronic pain in the last year. Back and spine topped the list, followed by arthritis and joint pain, headaches/migraines, knee and shoulder pain.