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Mid January Newsletter 2013

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THE LAZUMA STORY, The Goddess of Light! Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

Ongoing:...Tai Chi.../ Chi Kung/ I Chuan...Class...with Sifu Gary Carbone

NUTRITION EDUCATION...for the New Year-2013!.

January and February...Master Classes for Massage Therapists, Nurses and Healers.

Sunday Professional Massage Therapy Clinic:...Next Clinic dates are...Sunday, January 27th- February 10th and 24th


Receive our Basic Longevity Vitamin Package...Delivered directly to your home

Healing and Meditation Circle...FREE...Never a charge for meditation class ever!.



THE LAZUMA STORY, The Goddess of Light!

by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


Massage therapy is a difficult and sometimes grueling profession. Tantamount to heavy construction work, something that my family tree knows quite a bit about considering my dad built the World Trade Center and grandfather constructed the Empire State Building. After an exhausting day of performing deep tissue massage I find myself with little of myself left. It's at those times when my big, stinky ego nearly disappears and my higher, universal self can make an appearance. It was one such evening in October of 1982. Upon arriving home from work, as soon as a walked through the door, I felt a song coming through. I ran and grabbed my guitar along with a pen and pad. Now when I say I felt a song coming through, I mean it was written and completed in about 3 minutes; music, words, bridge, the works. The most incredible element of the story is that the main character of the song, Lazuma, was someone I had no knowledge of. I didn't even know what a Lazuma was let alone it being the symbol of freedom, the Goddess of Light. I mean the words were kind of explanatory but I had no real background or insight into Lazuma. When the French architect Bartholdi, had a vision of this Goddess, La Deese` de la Lumiere, he created our Statue of Liberty. I knew the song was special and that this Lazuma character was auspicious but I had no clue how profound.

Now the story gets interesting.

From 1975 to 1988 I fervently studied with the great bhakti yogini, Hilda Charlton. On Thursdays, at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Hilda graciously offered the public a free meditation and mastery class in which I was privileged to attend along with hundreds of others. I was one of her many musicians and got to sit next to her on stage.  Incidentally Hilda never charged for her classes, she felt meditation and spiritual teachings should be free and made me promise to do the same when I taught. On the Thursday evening a few days after channeling the Lazuma Song, Hilda turned to me during her class and said, "So kid, what are you going to sing for us this evening? Anything new in your repertoire?" "Well Hilda," I sheepishly said, "I do have a new song but I'm hesitant to sing it." Perhaps I chose the wrong words because Hilda immediately said, "Sing."  And so I did...


"Flower in the night,
she stands for truth and light,
a Master soul that takes my heart away.
Perched on high above,
hands outstretched with love,
breathing forth the sacred holy breath,"


By the time I got to the chorus Lazuma, Hilda rose to her feet and upon standing she immediately went stiff on stage. Stiff like Ramakrishna when his student asked him, "What is God?" You see meditation masters experience an advanced spiritual state called Samadhi, where the 7 energy vortexes in the body called chakras open wide and the spiritual fire travels up their spine making the adept rigid and breathless. You can read about this amazing spiritual occurrence in the writings of the great yoga rishi, Patajali, the man who codified yoga 5,000 years ago. You can also read about it in many autobiographical texts of some of the great spiritual ones like St. Theresa of Avila, Rabbi Nachman, Ramakrishna, and Padre Pio. The medical caduceus is a symbol of this phenomenon.

So here on stage, while I'm singing this new song, my teacher Hilda has a profound spiritual experience that catapults her out of her body and literally ended the class for the evening. Three days later, I get a phone call from Dr. Al saying that Hilda would like for me to come up to her apartment. On any other occasion being invited to Hilda's apartment would be a great thing but on this day I wasn't so sure. When I arrived Hilda immediately pounced on me, "Where did you get that song?" After I explained the circumstances of how the song materialized and exclaimed my innocence, Hilda laughed and said the Masters on the other side lovingly call her Lazuma. When I sang the song it opened the door to the Goddesses immeasurable power that obviously knocked the human Hilda for a loop. She made me promise not to sing the song again until she was prepared to handle that force of love and healing power. It didn't take long for Hilda to work it out and when in class she would give me the nod, I would sing the song and she would stand on stage firm like a master with her arms outstretched breathing forth the sacred holy breath. From that day on, people in the audience would have profound and cathartic healing experiences. It was quite extraordinary. The very last time we shared that amazing experience was at William Paterson University, Xmas week 1987. With hundreds of folks in attendance to experience the great healing yogini, Hilda gave a powerful inspirational lesson and after her guided meditation Hilda turned to me and said, "Sing it kid!" With that she let loose the Lazuma power and literally rocked the room. Amidst tears and personal epiphanies, we were once again witness to something quite miraculous. At the end of the class Hilda called me over and said, "Larry, I brought you a xmas gift." It was a bicentennial picture of the Statue of Liberty and then she opened her arms and gave me an earth shattering hug that I can still feel to this day. The card that came with the present simply said,
"This picture in remembrance of your glorious song Lazuma." Love Hilda.


That was the last time I saw Hilda, she passed away a couple of weeks later.

That would be the end of the story except for the fact that anyone that has recently read her books, listened to her tapes, watched her videos or attended the Peace Meetings her students conduct every three months knows that Hilda is as alive as ever! She is still teaching and still profoundly inspiring folks. So recently when I was preparing to officiate the Winter Solstice Peace Meeting in NYC, I received phone calls and e mails from Hilda students telling me that they had a dream that Hilda wanted the Lazuma Song to be filmed. That it was crucial for the Goddess of Light's power go out to the world particularly at this time. As soon as I was told that I knew they were right and miraculously here is the link and video of the Lazuma Song taken that evening by one of Hilda's beloved, Ben Bryant. 

May you be blessed by Lazuma, the Goddess of Light.


It's only 3 minutes, 27 seconds.




Tai Chi/ Chi Kung/ I Chuan Class 

with Sifu Gary Carbone 


Mondays 8-9pm at NJ Massage  Parsippany Medical Complex


$20 per class

8 classes for $136


Great Class, Real Deal
Join Us



for the New Year-2013!

Good health is more than the absence of disease. It is the body functioning at its optimal best. To achieve this, one must embrace a multi-faceted approach which includes healthy, nutritious foods properly prepared, a good complement of vitamin/mineral supplements, as well as exercise, meditation and relaxation. To that end, TerraSky has got you covered with a comprehensive 4 class series with former director of Nutrition Education at the Parsippany Medical Complex, Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


From January through April, on the last Thursday of each month at 8:15, Larry will present a nutrition program that will change your life!


Thursday, January 31st: The Clinical Nutrition Overview
The Do's, the Don'ts and Why
Latest longevity research, acid/alkaline balancing, general overall recommendations.   


Thursday, February 28th: The Best Health Choices
Designing a Healthy Diet Gradually and Pain Free
Discussion of the best food choices in every category and specific traditional medicinal foods.


Thursday, March 28th: The Practical Considerations
Living the Healthy Lifestyle
Daily food choices, shopping, menu planning, dining out, healthy recipes, and strategies to get the family to change.


Thursday, April 25th: Making Supplements Work for You
What to take, How Much and Why


COST: $150 for the 4 class series or $40 per class
Pre-Registration is Requested
(908) 277-1222



January and February Master Classes for Massage Therapists, Nurses and Healers

NCBTMB Provider Number 450461-07

"Feed your head!"  


We have some really great classes coming up in January and February!   CHECK THEM OUT BELOW


(973) 263-2229


You can view our complete catalog online at



"I love coming to this school!"  Lois Bass, LMT   

"Love, love, love, the classes and instructors!" Christine Stites, LMT 





The Ultimate Medical Massage Series

with Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

Ultimate Face and Foundation (Abdominal), Friday, Jan. 18th
Ultimate Practical Part 1: Top 20 Conditions, Thursday, Jan. 24th

Ultimate Back: Tuesday, Jan. 29th + Feb. 4th
Ultimate Series CORE Presentation (Class #1), Thursday Feb. 7th
Ultimate Foot and Hand, Wed. Feb 13th
Ultimate Hip and Leg, Tuesday Feb 19th
Ultimate Practical 2, Wed. Feb. 21st
Ultimate Neck, Monday Feb 25th 

Each Class 10am-6pm 8 C.E.'s $175     "I love Larry's classes!"  anonymous, LMT


"Finally, a neuromuscular, medical massage series that doesn't waste days going over origins, insertions, actions and nerve involvements for the umpteenth time. Larry brilliantly addresses the connective tissue, every condition, every trigger point, in a practical hands-on format. This is a great series with an outstanding teacher who has clearly devoted his life to healing and service with a completely open heart."
Laurie Martin, LMT


"Larry's knowledge is incredible; his openness with his hard earned information is inspiring. I will certainly be taking more of his classes!!"  Ricki Demarest, LMT


"In the Orient the title master is used respectfully for someone who has performed 25,000 treatments. At nearly 50,000, spanning 38 years, Larry has surely established his expertise.  He shares an amazing range of insight and his techniques are quite extraordinary." 
Sifu Chuck Loeffler, B.A., B.S., LMT, Tai Chi/Chi Kung Master

"I always neglect the arm.  The techniques taught in this class were amazing!" Sandra Yocovelli, LMT

"Larry is an amazing teacher! His knowledge is unlimited." Christina Cucci, LMT




Functional Integrated Therapy (FIT): Assessing and addressing soft tissue complaints for Upper and Lower Extremities 

with Mark Carangelo, LMT

 Wednesday and Thursday January 16th and 17th  10am-6pm 1

6 C.E.'s $325

FIT is based on a multidisciplinary approach of therapies that integrate functional assessments along with myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching, corrective exercise (client home care) and joint mobilizations to facilitate an overall balance of the body resulting in structural integration, pain free movement and enhanced overall performance. Under Mr. Carangelo's skillfully guided instruction, you will learn how to assess and address a long list of soft tissue complaints and importantly learn how to restore pain free range of motion. Included in this comprehensive 16 hours of continuing education are sophisticated approaches for many forms of soft tissue conditions including: pelvis stabilization, all lower back complaints, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ankle sprains, patellar tendinitis, hamstring strains, Achilles tendinitis, meniscus tears, spinal stenosis, joint arthritis, chondromalacia, complicated knee pain, ITB friction syndrome and scar tissue rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, bursitis, pectoralis minor strains, bicipital tendinitis, rhomboid pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, cervical sprains and strains, whiplash, atlas / axis & C1/C2 mobilization, migraine headaches, medial and lateral epicondyle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and joint arthritis, frozen shoulder and hip capsule adhesion techniques and pelvic rotation corrections. 
"I've been told by multiple people how great this class is!" Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT



Pregnancy Massage
with Cheryl Chapman, RN, HNC, NCTMB


Monday Jan 21st and 22nd
16 C.E. Hours $325 10-6pm both days

Join Cheryl Chapman (past NJ AMTA President) for this dynamic two day hands-on prenatal and postpartum massage certification.  Prenatal and postpartum massage is therapeutic bodywork focusing on the special needs of the expectant mother. 

This presentation will teach you the ins and outs of working with your pregnant client through every phase of the childbirth experience.  From common complaints like morning sickness, fatigue and mood swings, to back, neck and shoulder pain, contraindications and special points. 

Working with pregnancy is an exceptional experience that should be included in the services you offer, but undertaken only by massage practitioners with this type of extra training and insight.

*This class fulfills insurance requirements to work with pregnancy massage.

"Great! Cheryl was a joy and extremely knowledgeable and helpful."   Beth Ann Britt, LMT

"Love Cheryl!! What an amazing teacher, woman, and mentor."  Jen Weisenberg, LMT

"I am honored to be in Cheryl's class! Anyone who is lucky enough to learn from her is truly receiving a great gift."
Anonymous, LMT



Ethics for Massage Therapy

with Zoe Putnam, M.A., LMT


Wednesday, January 23rd 10-5pm 6 CE's $160

All therapists understand that ethics rules are for the purpose of honoring our professional client-therapist interactions. Join us as our graduate massage therapy psychologist Zoe Elva Putnam takes you through the in's and out's of professional ethics for massage therapy. This course satisfies the 6 hour requirement for Ethics for the State of New Jersey, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork's and your professional organizations, AMTA or ABMP.


Geriatric Massage Therapy
with Cheryl Chapman, R.N., HNC, NCTMB 

Friday, January 25th 10-6pm 8 C.E.'s $200

This class was recommended to me from another person. This course was outstanding! Well worth the 4.5 hours drive to see Cheryl present this priceless information. Thank you so much!   Tracy Cousins, LMT

"Great Class!"  Janet Salerno, LMT



The Raindrop Technique Certification

with Joan Apter, LMT 

Monday, January 28th 10-6pm 8 C.E.'s $200
must purchase Raindrop Kit before class
please order through front desk


Joan Apter, who teaches our Raindrop Program, is a very meticulous instructor. Her students have given wonderful testimonials to us on her behalf. Statements like, "Best class I've ever taken", or "Joan's teaching style is clear, inspirational and fun!" An all important objective in our courses is for the student to feel assured that they can utilize the information that they have learned. This direct quote from one of our students demonstrates Joan's effectiveness; "I feel confident to practice the Raindrop Technique after taking this class."  Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

"Very educational, highly recommended."   Anonymous CMT

Myofascial Release-Series 1  Core/ Upper body/ Scar Release

with Sarah Borda, LMT, NCTMB 

Wednesday, January 30th 10-6pm 8 CE's $175

"Fabulous class. Love Sarah!"
Mary Elliot, LMT


Looking for a way to energize your massage treatments?  Join us as John Barnes personal classroom assistant, Sarah Borda, LMT, NCBTMB teaches Myofascial Release principals and techniques as taught by her teacher John F. Barnes. From series 1 to 4, Sarah will help build your MFR education, filling you with extraordinary techniques that can be incorporated into your massage practice very easily and effectively. MFR can help your clients and you feel better by addressing the plethora of aches and pains your clients present to you. In addition, MFR is easy on your body, you will learn how to use balls, wedges, and tools that make your job easier and give you better results. In each seminar you will learn self-treatment techniques that will keep you healthy and more in tune with your own body. You will receive great treatment and also learn so much! Make it easier on yourself. Slow down, feel... and stop working so hard with MFR. As Sarah says, "Listen to your body, follow your heart."




Deep Tissue Mobilization Technique

with Dr. Henry Roth 

Sunday, February 3rd 10-6pm 8 CE's $175

This workshop introduces the practitioner to the Roth method of deep tissue application with the addition of in-joint massage movement therapy classified as body mobilization.The therapist learns how to apply deeper pressures on concentrated regions of tension while at the same time performing body mobilization motions which encourage a shotgun method freeing up chronic shortening of soft tissue and thereby bringing the body back to its original unrestricted and pain free state. Come and learn these powerful methods to add to your tool belt of available manual therapies. A good therapist has at all times several soft tissue methods available to address the concerns of their client.

"Great teacher! Learned a lot."  Natanya Nagi, LMT

" Excellent! Great new techniques to offer my clients."  Anonymous LMT



Myofascial Release-Series 2 Core/ Lower body/ Scar Release

with Sarah Borda, LMT, NCTMB 

Wednesday, February 6th 10-6pm 8 CE's $175

"Fabulous class. Love Sarah!"
Mary Elliot, LMT


Looking for a way to energize your massage treatments?  Join us as John Barnes personal classroom assistant, Sarah Borda, LMT, NCBTMB teaches Myofascial Release principals and techniques as taught by her teacher John F. Barnes. From series 1 to 4, Sarah will help build your MFR education, filling you with extraordinary techniques that can be incorporated into your massage practice very easily and effectively. MFR can help your clients and you feel better by addressing the plethora of aches and pains your clients present to you. In addition, MFR is easy on your body, you will learn how to use balls, wedges, and tools that make your job easier and give you better results. In each seminar you will learn self-treatment techniques that will keep you healthy and more in tune with your own body. You will receive great treatment and also learn so much! Make it easier on yourself. Slow down, feel... and stop working so hard with MFR. As Sarah says, "Listen to your body, follow your heart."






Time in

Time out





Sunday, 2/3/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Deep Tissue Mobilization Technique

Dr. Henry Roth



Monday, 2/4/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Back Medical Massage

Larry Heisler



Wednesday, 2/6/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Myofascial Release - Series 2: Core/Lower Body/Scar Release

Sarah Borda



Thursday, 2/7/13

1:00 PM

6:00 PM

Core Presentation

Larry Heisler



Saturday, 2/9/13

10:00 AM

5:00 PM

New Jersey State Legal Certification

Stephen C. Parker



Sunday, 2/10/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Reflexology: The Roth Method

Dr. Henry Roth



Monday, 2/11/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Mastectomy Massage

Cheryl Chapman



Tuesday, 2/12/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Wednesday, 2/13/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Foot & Hand Medical Massage

Larry Heisler



Tuesday, 2/19/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Hip & Leg Medical Massage

Larry Heisler



Thursday, 2/21/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Practical 2

Larry Heisler



Saturday, 2/23/13

9:00 AM

3:00 PM

Introduction to Cranio Sacral Therapy

Peg Dougherty



Sunday, 2/24/13

9:00 AM

3:00 PM

Monday, 2/25/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Ultimate Neck Medical Message

Larry Heisler



Thursday, 2/28/13

10:00 AM

6:00 PM

Supercharge your Swedish Massage with Shiatsu

Larry Heisler



Thursday, 2/28/13

7:30 PM

10:00 PM

Nutrition Education Program 2nd of 4 evenings  2.5 C.E. Hours for each session, 10 C.E.'s for all four.  $40 each class, or $150 for all four.

Larry Heisler






Sunday Professional Massage Therapy Clinic:


Next Clinic dates are  

 Sundays, January 27th- February 10th and 24th  

Reserve your space early.



$55 for one hour,



Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage,

with wonderful massage therapists.


Call our main office to schedule your appointment, (973) 263-2229.
These great massages are at our
Parsippany Medical Complex location only.


Clinic gift certificates make great gifts too


"A massage in gifted hands is much more than a physical experience. With New Jersey Massage, it is a deep, relaxing journey that allows one's whole body to de-stress and come into balance." 
Robert Abramson, D.D.S., M.D.




At any of our facilities, Parsippany, Livingston, North Caldwell or Summit.   "That's the best massage I've ever had" 

Five Packs, Ten Packs, Luxury Combination Packages

*Medical Massage and EVERY style, serving every price range*


"This is a highly trained medical massage team addressing soft tissue complaints with refined, neuromuscular hands-on therapy. Whether you are tight or in pain, just want to get flexible, or feel younger and look your best, these are the people to go to; this is the place to go." 

Dr. Henry Katz, M.D. 

(973) 263-2229




 Receive our Basic Longevity Vitamin Package  

Delivered directly to your home.  



We're talking about our great, bare bones longevity package covering all the basic vitamin bases. Each particular supplement and specifically each particular company have been hand chosen. This is what I give my family and take myself, everyday. Go to our website, pull up our online store, and read about the Basic Longevity Package and why it works so well. Then if you think it's as brilliant as we think, sign up for our automatic monthly order. 

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Healing and Meditation Circle


Never a charge for meditation class ever! 

Join Larry in his 37th year of teaching the Sacred Heart Meditation.  The sacred heart meditation is learning how to still your mind and keep an open heart.

Next Meditation Class at Terra Sky is

Thursday February 7th at 8pm

Put it on your calendar and please join us for an evening of spiritual fire!

   (908) 277-1222



A compilation of great thoughts for health and wisdom.
by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT


When interviewed, men that had a heart attack lost their sex drives a couple of years prior to the event. Apparently the clogging of ones arteries is even more prevalent in the small capillaries of the genitalia.
Erectile dysfunction is strong predictor of fatal heart ailments, study finds                Dr. Reich, Orgone Energy 
great article on vitamin d dosage
interesting article affirming spiritual principles
Yoga Sun Salutation Chart: great exercise for longevity and flexibility