As demand for Vodder-style Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) increases, the MLD Institute, with the help of industry leaders and its advisory board physicians, regularly updates its curriculum while maintaining the basic structure of its classes. Each course is taught from a practical perspective and includes the “seven pillars”:


1.         Lymphatic Anatomy & Physiology

2.         Core Competency (Hands On in the Lab)

3.         Self-Care of the Client

4.         Assessment Tools

5.         Relevant Research

6.         Resources

7.         History


Your instructor Elisa DiFalco is an industry-leading member of the MLD Institute with 17 years of experience. She owned and directed a Lymphedema Treatment Services (LTS) Clinic, served as an insurance consultant and a researcher, and teaches MLD throughout the country.


To earn a physician-approved, bachelor’s level, Vodder-style MLD certification, students must complete the following five courses within a period of two years:


1.     Hollywood Med-Spa Style Body Lymphlift (Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery)

2.     Boca Lymphlift of the Head, Neck & Face (aka Fountain of Youth Lift)

3.     Mommy & Me MLD

4.     MLD Lymphosize: Sports, Surgery & Scars

5.     Sensory Integrated MLD for Pain Managament and Palliative Care (Hospice)


Once a student has earned a certification there is no fee required to maintain it. However, certified practitioners are expected to maintain their professional licenses for the states in which they practice. No further continuing education is required, but for the practitioners who want to take things to the next level, there is a master’s level MLD program and certification.